4 de abril de 2018

Cioeste participates of event on challenges presented for urban mobility

The president of the Cioeste (Intermunicipal Trust of the Region West Metropolitan of São Paulo), Elvis Cesar, is participating in this Wednesday (7/06) of SobratemaSummit 2017, as one of the palestrantes of the event. Congregating leaderships and specialists of diverse segments, the meeting has as purpose to foment a debate on the question of urban mobility and the challenges of management and planning that presents currently.

Between days 7 and 9 of June, the meeting – that it happens in the São Paulo Expo Exhibition&Convention Center – will in such a way count on seminaries, congresses, workshops and courses, given for entities of the sector of the construction and the environment how much for governmental bodies, in order to promote an interchange of knowledge between the participants.

The debate of this fourth will be guided by the challenges of urban mobility in the contemporaneidade, that it needs to go to the meeting of the sustainability and to take care of to the demands of the population of the cities for locomotion. For in such a way, it is necessary that the axle of mobility if dislocates gradually from the automobiles – that they paralyze the transit and poluem the environment – and if it concentrates in transports on tracks, the privilege the bus and public systems of transport and in the implantation of bike paths.

The Cioeste participates of the meeting also to follow the presentation of the project Complete Street, World ResourceInstitute (WRI), by means of the cooperation between the trust and the National Front of the Mayors.


the Sobratema (Brazilian Association of Technology for Construction and Mining) acts in the development of technological solutions and the diffusion of knowledge and information for the formation and update of operating professionals in the national market of the construction and mining.

The association is responsible still for the accomplishment of events M&T EXPO – International Equipment Fair and Congress for Construction and Mining, Construction Expo – Fair of Constructions & Workmanships of Infrastructure, M&T Parts and Services – Fair of Technology and Equipment Management for Construction and Mining and BW Expo – Fair of Services and Technologies for Sustainable Water Management, Residues, Air and Energy.

SobratemaSummit 2017 happens during the Week of the Technologies Integrated for Construction, Environment and Equipment.

Week of the Environment starts with cycling stroll in city of Cioeste

The World-wide Day of the Environment is celebrated in 5 of June. In the period that precedess the date, they happen, in all the territory of the country, events related to already the popular National Week of the Environment, that has the objective to stimulate the population to participate actively of the ambient preservation, contributing with a form of more sustainable development.

The city of Osasco, that is part of the Cioeste (Intermunicipal Trust of the Region West Metropolitan of São Paulo), gave welcome to the National Week of the Environment in this sunday (28/05), with ecological a cycling stroll.

In order to stimulate the use of the bicycle, the stroll covered diverse streets of the city, beyond passing for parks, and showed that the locomotion from bikes is not only beneficial to the environment, for not contributing with the pollution, but also collaborates with the practical one of physical exercises and brings improvements for the quality of life of the people.

Throughout the next days, the programming of the National Week of the Environment will be full of attractions in the city. One of the prominences is launching of the points of voluntary delivery, PEV’ s, in next Saturday (3/06), that they will serve for the collect of materials you recycle, destined later the cooperatives.

Prefeitura estimula população a participar de arborização.

Prefeitura estimula população a participar de arborização.

The event will be carried through in the Park of the Garden of the Flowers, where it will also have distribution of changes of fruitful trees, sample of ambient films, lessons of buzzes, histories for children, among others activities.

The programming still counts on one will board  of arborization, that will be carried through in this tuesday (30/05), in the Fatec de Vila of the Remedies, of 9h to 11h; the exposition “the incredible world of the birds”, that it happens in the friday (2/06), the boardwalk in front of the Osasco Plaza Shopping, between 10h and 16h; a sample on the use of materials you recycle in fashion sustainable, also in sixth (2/06), in the Osasco Plaza Shopping, of 15h to 20h; and the lecture “Hospital Residues – Management and Cares”, given in the next monday (5/06), in the Center of Continued Formation of the Professionals of the Education, between 18h30 and 21h.

It is programmed to participate of the events and has taken all the family with you.

Cioeste participates of congress on intelligent cities

The Cioeste (Intermunicipal Trust of the Region West Metropolitan of São Paulo) is participating this week of the Smart City Business AmericaCongress& Expo, event come back to present solutions toward urban centers that are more than congregating three a thousand people – between entrepreneurs, public and private managers – in the Expo Unimed, in Curitiba (PR). With participants of ten countries, the meeting happens between days 22 and 24 of May.

The boarded subjects in the event, throughout 50 panels, encompass  collaborative sustainability, systems, urban mobility, public Governance, energies renewed, digital infrastructure, urban security, health, education and technology. When congregating borrowers of decisions, the meeting makes possible the formation of a platform for the generation business-oriented.

With orientation business, the event has as purpose to speed up the development of “smartcities” in the Latin America, whose market must put into motion one trillion of dollar in the next decade. The palestrantes of the congress include managers, entrepreneurs and specialists in on questions to the urban dynamic public. Examples are the president of the Motorola Solutions, Elton Borgonovo, and the representative Vitor Lippi, president of the Mixing Parliamentary Front of the Intelligent Cities and Humanas.

Evento conta com mais de três mil participantes. Foto: Divulgação/ Facebook

Event counts more than on three a thousand participants. Photo: Facebook spreading

Leopoldo de Albuquerque, president of the Institute Smart City Business, believes that the event makes possible a chance to present to the public power efficient solutions of basic services for the townspeople. This because, its to see, while city halls face financing problems, companies is made use to invest in cities and to offer solutions for its demands.

The event still counts on a prototyping fair, whose objective is to take to the public managers a sample of as determined aspects of the urban management they can be perfected from the application of available technological solutions already in the market, according to Ricardo Bacellar, vice-president of prototyping of the Institute Smart City Business America.

Providing to the accomplishment of business-oriented excellent debates and the generation, the event is carried through by the Institute Smart City Business America, that it looks to create business-oriented environments to stimulate the development of the cities by means of intelligent solutions.

Cioeste signs agreement of Sustainable Economic Development with European Union

The vice-president of the Cioeste and mayor of Itapevi, Igor Soares, signed an unknown agreement with the European Union in this Wednesday (17/05). The alliance represents a chance so that the cities that integrate the trust (Barueri, Carapicuíba, Cotia, Itapevi, Osasco, Pirapora do Bom Jesus and Santana de Parnaíba) they carry through partnerships with countries, cities and regions of the Europe.

With the agreement, the Cioeste starts territorially to co-ordinate the Global Pact of Mayors for the Climate and Energy, that congregates concentrated regional public authorities of the whole world in promoting local actions and initiatives in favor of the climate and of the use of sustainable energy, in accordance with objective tracings for the European Union.

The alliance still makes possible chances of sustainable business-oriented development and promotion for the region of the trust. In such a way, it will facilitate to the search for international cooperation and financing for the viabilization of projects, from the integration of the cities of the Cioeste to the net of the Global Pact of Mayors.

First accord of this nature firmed for the European Union is of the Europe, the agreement is resulted of the continuous work carried through by the team of the Cioeste, during two years. In this period, the trust also participated of a mission in Portugal and England (the United kingdom), from Program TAIEF, to know the systems of used production of biodiesel in these places.

During the occasion, the Cioeste had the chance to firm agreements of cooperation with two European trusts, the Lipor (Service Intermunicipalizado de Gestão de Resíduos of the Great Port) and the Residues Northeast.

Cioeste participates of global conference on practical to limit emission of effect gases greenhouse

Between days 2 and 6 of May, the team of the Cioeste (Intermunicipal Trust of the Region West Metropolitan of São Paulo) was in Berlin, in Germany, to participate of Global Conference NDC 2017.

The event had as purpose to promote the sharing of practical – it enters 250 representatives of agency-key of international promotion and development and governments (central offices and subnational), of about 60 countries – related to the implantation of the Contributions National Determined (NDCs, in the acronym in English) and to the development of strategies to limit the emissions of effect gases greenhouse, in such a way globally how much national.

In order to approach the subject subnacional integration, the team of the trust participated of one of the sessions of “breakout” of the event, next to international representatives of other public associations, as the Congope (Trust of Provincial Self rules of the Equator) and Salga (Association South African Local Government).

The debate pointed the necessity of coordination between national and subnational governments so that public investments well-are succeeded, detaching that Governance multilevel and intersetorial contribution is basic for the ordinance of efficient strategies to lower the emissions of effect gases greenhouse.

The participants of the session had had the chance to share its particular experiences and ideas how much to the construction of one climatic politics and an action way to place it in practical. They had been able to also present the practical knowledge that they possess how much the coordination of a Governance multilevel.


the Contributions National Determined are commitments and voluntary contributions assumed by each country so that they reduce its emissions of effect gases greenhouse. The NDCs had been the bases of the agreement negotiated in Paris during the Conference of United Nations on the Climatic Changes of 2015, COP 21.

In such a way, the meeting in Berlin allowed the exchange of expertise enters the participants regarding the integrated Governance as effort to skirt the climatic changes, as well as the boarding of on questions the financing and transparency. Moreover, the event had as objective also to make possible an integration or support between initiatives with the same purpose and the interaction of public managers with you represent of the private sector, capable to present other possible ways for the implantation of the NDCs.

One of the sponsors of the meeting, LEDS GP still congregated champion in the development of practical of low emission and professionals of diverse governmental sectors to divide the knowledge that they had acquired.

Global Conference NDC 2017 was recepcionada by the Federal Government of Germany, in the German Ministry of the Environment.

Winter Clothing Campaign 2017 starts in cities of Cioeste

With the approach of the winter, the cities of the Cioeste (Intermunicipal Trust of the Region West Metropolitan of São Paulo) already is giving beginning to edition 2017 of the Winter Clothing Campaign. Hundreds of collection points have been distributed for the region, so that the townspeople donate clothes, blankets and shoes. To follow, it knows more on the organization of the initiative in each city.


itapeviIn the city of Itapevi, the Winter Clothing Campaign 2017 was launched at the beginning of the month, with the goal to collect 50 a thousand donations in this year. During the launching event, that happened in the Atenas Hall, the Center, and counted more than on the participation of 300 people, the number of donations exceeded two a thousand parts.

It will have about 400 points of collection spread by Itapevi throughout the campaign, including in the two shoppings of the city and in more than 100 points of commerce. Also they will receive the parts municipal public building and all the pertaining to school units from the municipal net of education.

The subject of the initiative is “You the cold, you quentinho. Doe new blankets and agasalhos or in good condition of use”.



With mote “solidarity heats. Doe one agasalho”, the campaign was launched in Cotia at the end of the month of April and possesss about 50 points of collection distributed by the city, where it is possible to donate clothes, footwear, blankets and agasalhos.

The number of places for donation is increasing, in the measure where more commercial companies, establishments and schools hug the campaign. Para que locais como estes se tornem pontos de arrecadação, basta que entrem em contato por meio do telefone (11) 4703-3549 e solicitem uma caixa de coleta.



Barueri Commanded for the Social one of Solidarity, the Winter Clothing Campaign 2017 started early in Barueri, in the March month. The opening of the social action was marked by a fashion parade, that happened in Alphaville and congregated storekeepers of the city for the cause.

The parade collected 327 parts, between clothes and accessories, for the carried through solidary bazaar in day 29 of April in favor of the campaign. The bazaar, in turn, collected R$ 37,319 in sales, sum that will be reverted for the purchase of new clothes to be distributed throughout the initiative.



The singers of the pair sertaneja Zé Neto & Cristiano are the godfathers of the Campaign of the Agasalho of the city of Carapicuíba, launched in the morning of this friday (12/05), in the Deep headquarters of the Social one of Solidarity. “My only order: that one agasalho kept. It comes and it donates with me” is the subject of the action.

Santana de Parnaíba


The mayor of Santana de Parnaíba, Elvis Cezar, was defied by its wife, Selma Cezar, to donate one coat for the Winter Clothing Campaign 2017 of Santana de Parnaíba. The politician used to advantage to defy the vice-mayor of the city, Oswaldo Luiz Borrelli, and all the secretaries of its management to not only make the same, but still to defy – each one of them – more two people to donate agasalhos.

The mayor also invited the townspeople to enter in the challenge and to produce a video calling two friends to participate of the action. “Who donates heats, who receives does not forget” is mote of the campaign.



The City hall of Osasco also already gave beginning to the Campaign of the Agasalho, with the call “does not close its eyes. It extends its hand and it donates heat”. It more than has 60 points of collection in the city.

Constructed by Jesuits, Village of Carapicuíba sends to the historical past of country

The historical center of the city of Carapicuíba attracts diverse visitors interested in better knowing the past and the culture aboriginal. The space shelters one from the twelve villages established for the priest Jose de Anchieta, for 1580 return, when the religious Spaniard arrived the São Paulo.

Anchieta created villages, in return of the Monastery of Is Bento, with the purpose of catequizar the indians and keeping them protecting of the slavery. On account of its difficult access, the Village of Carapicuíba – situated the 20 kilometers of the center of São Paulo – is the only one that it was not destroyed amongst the twelve conceived by the priest. It is considered currently that its official foundation date of 12 of October of 1580.

Marked for the presence of a church, main construction of the space, the village also served in the past as shelter for indians of other places, that resisted the violent onslaught of the bandeirantes, led for the Portuguese Antonio Raposo Tavares. Being thus, the indians guaianás, that they had been the first ones to inhabit it, had offered to support the groups of aboriginals as the guarulhos and the tupis.


Cultural space

Twenty houses made of wood the blue and white puncture and painted of surrounds the Village of Carapicuíba. Some houses are the home of families who live in the place have at least 300 years, while others had been used by the city hall of the city to install the City department of Culture and the Municipal Library Sarabaquê, where are possible to find didactic books and of literature.

Located to side of church is House of Culture, that it concentrates old images, sculptures and devices that they send to the history of the village, as postal pictures and cards. In turn, the chapel Santa Catarina Community, whose construction dates of 1736, receives priests from diverse places for the accomplishment of masses.

In the way them constructions in the village, are the central patio, where they are made use banks for rest, coconut palms and a cross directed for the chapel Santa Catarina Community.

Although the city of Carapicuíba to have if expanded with the time and to possess almost 400 a thousand inhabitants today, the people who live in the village follow passing its housing of generation for generation. The space allows the rescue of part of the history of Brazil, that involves aboriginals, Jesuits, bandeirantes and the arrival of religious missions to the country.

Tumbled for the Iphan (Institute of National the Historic site and Artistic), in 1940, the Village of Carapicuíba is an obligator stop for that they desire if to deepen a little in the Brazilian historical past more.

Cioeste establishes support with the Embassy of Brazil in Berlin, in Germany

Tcioeste embaixada 2he team of the Cioeste (Intermunicipal Trust of the Region West Metropolitan of São Paulo) was received by the Embassy of Brazil in Berlin, Germany, this Wednesday (3/05). The visit resulted in the consolidation of a canal of support between the trust and the delegation, with the purpose to stimulate the joint economic development, beyond making possible chances of importation and exportation and attracting investments German for the region of the trust.

The European country was, in 2016, the fifth bigger commercial partner of Brazil, being behind only of China, United States, Argentina and the Netherlands. While the main articles exported for the Latin American country had been coffee, tea, kills and spices (that they had represented 21.25% of the exportations), the products German more imported by Brazil had been mechanical boilers, machines, devices and instruments (25.05% of the importations).

It more than has 1,600 German companies installed in Brazil. The estimate is of that its contribution for the Brazilian industrial GIP is around 10%. They are gifts, only in the State of São Paulo, 800 more than subsidiary of companies of Germany, responsible for the generation of more than 250 a thousand jobs right-handers. Moreover, the São Paulo capital is considered the biggest German industrial city is of Germany.

One of the reasons of Brazil to be an attractive country for foreign investors is in the fact of the country to possess one of the biggest consuming markets of the world, with a population of 206,08 million inhabitants, according to data of the IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics) of 2016. In last the ten years, it had the ascension of 40 million consumers to the middle class, fact that stimulated the growth in some sectors. The country is also the biggest economy of Latin America.

Campaign #StrikeAedes arrives at the end, but game continues available

After five months of continuous action to awake the enrollment of adolescents and young how much at the combat against the Aedes “mosquito” aegypti – transmitting of illnesses as affection, zika, chikungunya e, in urban areas, yellow fever -, the campaign #StrikeAedes arrived at the end. But, if she does not worry, therefore at the end of the year it will be in return. After all, it is in the summer that the proliferation of the “mosquito” usually to be more intense and the campaigns of awareness, still more necessary.

An initiative of the Cioeste (Intermunicipal Trust of the Region West Metropolitan of São Paulo), the campaign comes being carried through since the end of the month of November of 2016. Its car-head is an educative game for smartphones, that she consists more than of a quiz with a thousand questions, approaching the most diverse areas of the knowledge, with special attention for the confrontation to the Aedes aegypti. In such a way, the questions contemplate methods of prevention against the insect, the characteristics of the illnesses that it transmits, the way as if it reproduces and the perigos of its proliferation.

To each week, those that if detached in ranking of the game were contemplated prizes special, since that they inhabited in the cities that integrate the Cioeste (Barueri, Carapicuíba, Cotia, Itapevi, Jandira, Osasco, Pirapora do Bom Jesus and Santana de Parnaíba). The challenge presented for the game and, clearly, the awarding despertaram a healthful competition between the players, being that all the cities of the trust had had its winners: adults and young of all the social sorts and classrooms.

Twirled to the living creature of the game, where, when answering the questions of the quiz, those that they presented a good performance gained prizes – as t-shirts and ingressions of cinema – had become a constant throughout the campaign, during visits of our team the schools and ONGs in the cities of the Cioeste. This because professors who had entered in contact with the game had found the initiative interesting and had presented the trick for its pupils and schools.

The campaign – that it arrived to more than reach 300 a thousand people from the social medias – will have a pause now, what it means that will not have more awardings to that if to detach in the game or action for spreading of the initiative. However, the game will continue available for download – as much in the Google Play how much in the App Store – and all the interested parties can lower it and if amuse while they test its common knowledges.

We thank for the participation of all the players. They continue playing and they do not leave to follow the social nets of the campaign #StrikeAedes, therefore soon it will be in return, more amused and with some prizes!