Week of the Environment starts with cycling stroll in city of Cioeste

The World-wide Day of the Environment is celebrated in 5 of June. In the period that precedess the date, they happen, in all the territory of the country, events related to already the popular National Week of the Environment, that has the objective to stimulate the population to participate actively of the ambient preservation, contributing with a form of more sustainable development.

The city of Osasco, that is part of the Cioeste (Intermunicipal Trust of the Region West Metropolitan of São Paulo), gave welcome to the National Week of the Environment in this sunday (28/05), with ecological a cycling stroll.

In order to stimulate the use of the bicycle, the stroll covered diverse streets of the city, beyond passing for parks, and showed that the locomotion from bikes is not only beneficial to the environment, for not contributing with the pollution, but also collaborates with the practical one of physical exercises and brings improvements for the quality of life of the people.

Throughout the next days, the programming of the National Week of the Environment will be full of attractions in the city. One of the prominences is launching of the points of voluntary delivery, PEV’ s, in next Saturday (3/06), that they will serve for the collect of materials you recycle, destined later the cooperatives.

Prefeitura estimula população a participar de arborização.

Prefeitura estimula população a participar de arborização.

The event will be carried through in the Park of the Garden of the Flowers, where it will also have distribution of changes of fruitful trees, sample of ambient films, lessons of buzzes, histories for children, among others activities.

The programming still counts on one will board  of arborization, that will be carried through in this tuesday (30/05), in the Fatec de Vila of the Remedies, of 9h to 11h; the exposition “the incredible world of the birds”, that it happens in the friday (2/06), the boardwalk in front of the Osasco Plaza Shopping, between 10h and 16h; a sample on the use of materials you recycle in fashion sustainable, also in sixth (2/06), in the Osasco Plaza Shopping, of 15h to 20h; and the lecture “Hospital Residues – Management and Cares”, given in the next monday (5/06), in the Center of Continued Formation of the Professionals of the Education, between 18h30 and 21h.

It is programmed to participate of the events and has taken all the family with you.

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