Cioeste will firm partnership with the Amal, association of cities that acts in Portugal

The Cioeste (Intermunicipal Trust of the Region West Metropolitan of São Paulo) will firm, at the end of the month of October, a partnership with the Amal (Intermunicipal Association of the Algarve), that it acts in the region of Portugal and congregates 16 cities, being they: Albufeira, Alcoutim, Aljezur, Castro Marim, Faro, Lagoon, Lakes, Loulé, Monchique, Olhão, Portimão, S. Brás de Alportel, You hiss, Tavira, Village of the Bishop and Real Village of Santo António.

The accord foresees business-oriented interchanges for promotion between the respective regions, joint accomplishment of international events, beyond the planning of programs and projects between the cities that compose the two trusts.

The main objective of the agreement is to establish a mutual partnership, with a plan of business-oriented action directed to the promotion and sustainable economic development, as well as the a exchange of experiences how much the good measures of practical in the public administration.

The agreement will have validity of two years, with each one of the parts represented by an assigned person to give course to the activities that will be developed in set.

Acordo foi assinado por presidentes dos dois consórcios.

Agreement was signed by presidents of the two trusts.

In accordance with the president of the Cioeste, Elvis Cezar, “the accord with the Amal will make possible new businesses and development for the regions, as well as the opening of markets and exchange of experience enters the controllers of the cities”.

In turn, the president of the Amal, Jorge Manuel Nascimento Botelho, believes that “the agreement with the Cioeste will make possible that Portuguese companies and entrepreneurs come to make businesses with Brazil, through the trust”. For it, “it will be a great door of entrance of the Europe for the South America”.

The cooperation protocol was signed in last day 5 of June, respectively, in the headquarters of the Cioeste, located in São Paulo, and Portugal. A new meeting will be carried through now, in the region of Algarve, for the joint definition of a guideline so that the first actions, that aim at to the promotion of improvements and interchanges between the cities, are placed in practical. Being thus, the teams of the participant cities of the agreement will establish the initiatives to be undertaken in the plan of action between the Cioeste and the Amal.

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