Anniversary of Itapevi it will have great shows, race of street and other attractions

One of the integrant ones of the Cioeste (Intermunicipal Trust of the Region West Metropolitan of São Paulo), the city of complete Itapevi 59 years in next day 18 to February. The programming of festivities in the city will have one month of duration, with shows of names as Luan Santana and Fernanda Brum, race of street, foodtrucks and presentations of local artists – all gratuitous one.

The attractions still include Walking for Jesus, mass of action of favours, meeting of old cars and a cake of anniversary with 59 meters of extension.

During the period, the City hall of Itapevi will also carry through deliveries of viaturas for the public guard, ambulances for the health sector and investments in education.


the commemorations start in the next sunday (4/02), with presentation of the singer sertanejo Luan Santana in the Municipal Stadium (street Professor Dimarães Antonio Sandei, s/n). The attraction, that will have beginning to 17h, will count on opening of the DJ Rob Oliveira, Salty the Fernanda Band and Giulia Nassa.

To participate of the event, the interested parties will have to change two kilos of not perishable foods for the ingression, with antecedence, in the Municipal Gymnasium (avenue Rubens Caramez, 1000). The exchanges could be carried through between days 29 of January and 2 of February, of second to the friday, 10h to 21h, and in Saturday, of 10h to 15h. The collections will be reverted it Acolher – Deep Social of Solidarity and distributed the devoid families of the city.

In day 17 of February, Jesus will be carried through Walked for, to 16h, that he will leave the Gymnasium of Sports in direction to the Municipal Stadium, that will have a marotona of attractions, finished with a presentation of the singer gospel Fernanda Brum. No longer sunday, day 18, the anniversary of Itapevi will start to be celebrated soon per the morning, with a mass of action of favours in the Municipal Stadium to 9h, that it will congregate all the parishes of the city. Later, it will have distribution of the commemorative cake of 59 meters, in the street Dimarães Professor Antonio Sandei, in front of the Stadium.

The programming of the day will be locked up by a presentation of the teacher João Carlos Martins, next to the Orchestra Bachiana Filarmônica SESI-SP, followed for a burning of fogos. Both the attractions will happen in the Municipal Stadium.

Maestro João Carlos Martins se apresentará durante aniversário de Itapevi. Foto: Divulgação.

Teacher João Carlos Martins will present itself during anniversary of Itapevi. Photo: Spreading.

Other attractions

During the month of celebrations, the city will have 2ª Race of Street of Itapevi, that will count on modalities feminine, masculine, infantile and paradesportiva, being this last unknown one in the region.

Carried through in day 25 of February, the tests happen from 8h. The registrations can directly be carried through by the site of the City hall of Itapevi. The awardings will add R$ 18,500 in the total.

Investment in education

Throughout the month of anniversary of the city, will be delivers to the sector of education material pertaining to school and uniforms, beyond having the magnifying of System SESI of Education and the implantation of Transporte Escolar Gratuito (TEG) (Free School Transportation) (FST), to take care of to the children who more than live the two kilometers of the school.

It confers the complete programming of the anniversary of the city.

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