Area of Cioeste: promising perspectives for the external trade

One of the most interesting and republican initiatives, of the many that I saw for those bands, are the creation of CIOESTE that includes Region West’s (Barueri, Carapicuíba, Itapevi, Jandira, Osasco, Pirapora of Good Jesus, Santana from Parnaíba) seven cities and Cotia. The creation of the Consortium goes by the diagnosis that there are regional problems that should be thought and solved together, the solutions are not simple nor individual, the conjunction of efforts for the development, is not task for only one municipal district. It is that old one and, a lot of times, forgotten maxim: united we are strong!

With this same thought, in another landing, still no institutional, CICERO was created. Committee of Incentive to Region West’s External Trade, that besides intends to be the thematic camera of External Trade of CIOESTE. And, if they allow me the indiscreetness, propositura that counts with the mayor’s of Osasco sympathy, Jorge Lapas.

CICERO’S (that being open, it gathers ACEO, City hall of Osasco, Sebrae, Ciesp-castle, External Unifieo / Trade, AmericaComex and Comex Connect now) explicit objective is the creation of a new culture in the area, in matter, for the small ones and averages companies, demonstrating that the external trade is not a bug of seven heads, being able to alavancar the businesses and to impel the process of business innovation.

Inside of this I begin is that 1st Concex will be accomplished. Congress of External Trade of the West Region, in the 11 and 12 November in Unifieo. As preparation of this Congress, in the Foundation Seade, I have been doing, with the friends’ generous participation, some studies on external trade, specifically, of the area.

It was verified that there was a significant evolution of the external trade in the participant municipal districts of CIOESTE between 1999 and 2013. The exports increased 249% in dollars, while the imports increased 265%. These percentile ones, seemingly similar, they involve very disparate absolute values. In absolute terms, the imports in 2013 were 278% above the exports, deficit in the regional trade balance of US $ 4.835 million dollars. With some effort for decrease of this deficit there would be already a great progress of the regional exports.

As first conclusion can be affirmed that the potential is enormous, the results can also be excellent. CICERO and 1st CONCEX have as proposal enters in this wheat field. To show for the companies of the area that it is possible the use of the international market for the increase of the productivity and of the business competitiveness. What will allow increase in the profit and growth of the revenue for the companies that if they internationalize with reflexes as for the evolution of the job, growth of GDP and of the collection, generating positive overflows for the group of the area.

Roxo Antônio Carlos, economist for UFJF, master for UFMG, doctor for USP, is coordinating of the course of External Trade and International Businesses and member founder of the Group of Studies of External Trade and International Relationships of UNIFIEO. GECEU. It is, also, analyst of the Foundation Seade and member founder of CICERO. Committee of Incentive to Region West’s External Trade.


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