Assembly of Election of Representatives in PDUI

The Assembly of Election of representatives of the civil society in the PDUI (Plan of Integrated Urban Development), of the Sub-region West of the Region Metropolitan of São Paulo, will be carried through in day 26-08-2017, to 9h, in the Center of Formation of Professors of Osasco.

In this assembly 5 representatives of the region will be elect, to very follow, to deliberate and to decide on the PDUI, being important the mobilization, in the cities, of organizations that have as objective, the fight for the implantation of the FPICs (Public offices of Common Interest).

The FPICs worked in the PDUI:

  1. a) Habitation and Social Vulnerability
  2. b) Economic, Social Development and Urban
  3. c) Environment, Basic Sanitation and Resources Hídricos
  4. d) Mobility, Logistic Transport and

will be considered representative entities of the civil society, of the following segments:

  1. a) Popular movements: defined as communitarian associations or of inhabitants, movements for popular housing and too much organizations;
  2. b) Workers, for its syndical entities: defined as representative of its syndical entities (unions, federacies, confederations and syndical central offices of workers and urban and agricultural workers);
  3. c) Entrepreneurs: defined as entailed companies to the representative of the business one, also cooperative entities;
  4. d) Professional, academic entities and of research and professional advice: defined as being the representative entities of associations of independent professionals and institutions of superior education. They are fit, also, in this segment the professional advice (regional or federal);
  5. e) Not Governmental organizations: defined as civil associations or foundations of not economic ends, formal constituted before the register agencies.

For bigger information, it lowers the Invitation to participate of the Assembly, its Objective and its Regulation.

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