Barueri and Carapicuíba celebrate anniversary in this sunday

The cities of Barueri and Carapicuíba, that integrate the Cioeste (Intermunicipal Trust of the Region West Metropolitan of São Paulo) complete, respectively, 68 and 52 years of politician-administrative emancipation in this sunday (26/03).

The date, of course, could not pass blank. Therefore, the two cities will have special programmings to celebrate the anniversary. It confers, to follow, that attractions will be possible to use to advantage in each city.


Even so the anniversary of Barueri is only in day 26 of March, the city has carried through a series of commemorative events throughout the month, with a variety capable to please to all the public. The amusement is guaranteed for who likes music, theater, soccer, photograph and, clearly, food. It has attractions still special for the infantile public.

Atrações em comemoração ao aniversário de Barueri vêm acontecendo ao longo do mês.

In this Wednesday (22/03), to 13h, the Audience of the Secretariat of the Woman – located in Village Port – receives an open lecture to the public who will go to approach the advances and challenges in the confrontation to the sort violence. Already in the EMEF Priest Luiz of Oliveira Andrade (R. Maria Helena, 191 – Village New Device), the students will have the chance to attend a part of theater in commemoration to the Day of the Water. The spectacle happens to 14h.

It likes sports? Then, attention! Later, to 19h30, a departure of the São Paulo Championship of Soccer, of the A2 Series, happens in the Barueri Enclosure for bullfighting. The dispute will be between the teamses West and Barretos, with ingressions for sale in the place.

In the thursday (23/03), it will have a musical attraction in the space Gains Time – of the City hall of Barueri – of 11h to 13h, with the Midney musician showing everything what it knows when the subject is trompete. In the end of the afternoon, from 18h, the Secretariat of the Woman launches, in the Center of Events, the program of quality of life and health “the Challenge of the 12 Weeks”.

Plus an attraction for that they are gotten passionate by sports! To 19h, the gymnasium of sports of the Park of the Camargos will receive a game from São Paulo Liga of Futsal. The dispute will be between the teamses GR. Barueri and Indaiatuba.

E the weekend will be of music and gastronomy. In the friday (24/03), the Band of Guarda will place all to dance in the Barueri Station, of the CPTM, with a repertoire that will go of the popular one to the scholar. In turn, the traditional Fair of Arte and Artesanato (Feirarte) happen in Saturday (25/03), in the Central Boulevard of Barueri. But it does not stop for there: the Gymnasium Jose Corrêa (Avenue Guillermo Perereca Guglielmo, 1000 – Center) will be as much release point how much of fond for the “Pedal of the Hour”, also in Saturday. It prepares bike!

One of the prominences of the programming of anniversary will be the Alpha Food Park, who will be in the Oiapoque Square, in Alphaville, during all the week end: sixth, Saturday and sunday. In the space, it will have diverse foodtrucks; stage with musical attractions of MPB, rock, samba and pop; e inflatable toys to guarantee the diversion of the small ones. It will be possible still to confer the itinerante exposition “Barueri Yesterday and Today”, that it presents photos and objects to recriar the memory of the city.

In the sunday, the great day, will be commemorated the “Anniversary in the Park”, with a series of attractions – until 18h – in the Municipal Park, come back toward all the family. Photographic exposition, workshop of dance, fashion of viola, artesanato, dissertation of histories, theater of street, sculpture in balloons, clowns, face painting, musical attractions and cake of anniversary are guaranteed in the programming.


In commemoration to the anniversary of 52 years of the city, the City hall of Carapicuíba will carry through diverse gratuitous activities in this sunday, with the subject “Redescobrindo Nossa Historia”. The programming starts early, to 9h, in the Park of the Village (Garden Ana Estela).

Parque da Aldeia recebe atividades comemorativas pelo aniversário de Carapicuíba.

A show of the broadcaster and evangelist Fábio Teruel will mark the beginning of the attractions in the Theater of Enclosure for bullfighting, space located in the park. Stage of the theater will also receive presentations from local artists.

A ceremonial in homage more the one year of commemoration of the politician-administrative emancipation of the city will happen in the Square of the Village. The celebration will have the presence of mayor Marcos Neves, vice-mayor Gilmara Gonçalves and the too much administrative authorities of the city. The act is marked still by a presentation carried through for an aboriginal group.

The festivities of the anniversary of the city will also count on fairs for all the likes: fair of old cars, fair of artesanatos and Gastronomic fair, with the presence of foodtrucks. The Park of the Village will have still an exposition with drawings of children who are part of the municipal net of education and will receive activities fitness and of it buzzes.

E the commemoration continues. The player Grandson, idol of the Corinthians and presenter of the Program “the Owners of the Ball”, of the Band, will participate of a commemorative game in Carapicuíba in this sunday. Beyond having the presence of craque, the São Paulo Election will be composed for players as Müller, Edu Marangon, Gustavo Neri and Velloso. The teams will have as adversary the Carapicuíba Election, formed for athletes selected in local teams.

With frank entrance, the game happens to 10h, in the Stadium Niterói (Avenue Pillar of the South, 736/762 – Cohab).

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