Campaign #StrikeAedes carries through action in infantojuvenil ONG of Cotia

In the last thursday (23/03), the team of the campaign #StrikeAedes was in the Filantrópica Association Happy Child, in Cotia. The purpose of the visit was to present the campaign and the educative game play that it is part of the initiative to the children and the adolescents who attend the institution. In this way, we invite all to lower the game – available in the Google Play and the App Store – and to learn to fight the Aedes “mosquito” aegypti, transmitter of illnesses as affection, zika, chikungunya e, in urban areas, yellow fever.

Our “big fly”, clearly, could not leave to mark presence. It showed the children one that – in contrast of the Aedes “mosquito” aegypti of the real life – she is good people and he is of the certain side in the fight against the illnesses transmitted for the true insect.


The young that attend the institution – where learns to touch a series of musical instruments, has lessons of computer science, English and artesanato, for example – they had been invited to participate of a round to the living creature of the game #StrikeAedes. This SuperQuiz apresenta questões relacionadas aos mais diversos temas: history, geography, health, culture pop, TV, cinema and a series of other subjects. The questions could not leave to also contemplate the forms of combat to the Aedes aegypti.

Those that had accepted our challenge and had still made right the answers of the questions of the game had gained pairs of ingressions to take a friend to the cinema and to attend a film of its preference.


The idea with the initiative is to make with that students recognize that, as citizens, to fight the “mosquito”are in its hands. E is accurately therefore that the applicatory one of the game also allows register of photos, for denunciations of focos of the insect and publication of situations of “before and later”, when will be possible to solve the problem without setting in motion public authorities.

Check out the activity logs below and also enter this game, too!








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