Campaign #StrikeAedes carries through action in the Cepac Barueri

In this tuesday (23/01), the team of the campaign #StrikeAedes was in the headquarters of the Cepac Barueri, a non-profit organization that it searchs to promote the social conviviality and the personal and cultural development of children and adolescents with ages between 11 and 17 years. Established in 1993, the institution offers lessons – as of English and it dances -, beyond professional qualification.


The purpose of the action carried through in the Cepac was to present the game #StrikeAedes and the objectives of our campaign to the young that attend the space, in order to acquire knowledge them of playful form on the importance to fight the Aedes aegypti, “mosquito” that transmits illnesses as affection, zika, chikungunya e, in urban areas, yellow fever.


Beyond carrying through a round to the living creature of the game with the children one, we also take `”big  fly”’ of the campaign until the institution, that, different of the truth insect, does not make some badly and still it cheers to children and adolescents during our actions. Nor dance lacked to become more amused the trick. It confers the video and it lowers the game #StrikeAedes from the Google Play or of the App Store.

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