Campaign #StrikeAedes is presented the public servers of Araçariguama

The team of the campaign #StrikeAedes was in this thursday (8/02) in Araçariguama, with the purpose to present the initiative the public servers of the secretariats of Education and Health of the city, so that they can divulge it enter students and citizens.

The objective of the game for smartphones developed by the campaign, that consists of a quiz, is to acquire knowledge the users of playful form how much to the importance of if fighting the Aedes “mosquito” aegypti, transmitter of illnesses as affection, zika, chikungunya and yellow fever, in its urban cycle.

The meeting counted on the presence of the secretary of Education of the city, Michel Vicentine, who spoke on the importance of the campaign – carried through for the Cioeste (Intermunicipal Trust of the Region West Metropolitan of São Paulo) – to stimulate to fight the Aedes aegypti of form preventive, and not palliative, that is, later that it has an epidemic of illnesses transmitted for the insect.

Secretário da Educação esteve em palestra da campanha #StrikeAedes.

Secretary of the Education was in lecture of the campaign #StrikeAedes.

Also it passed for the meeting the secretary of Health of Araçariguama, Eliana Rodrigues Da Silva, who, in its speaks, scored that applicatory of the game #StrikeAedes helps the young to assimilate information quickly and if to acquire knowledge.

Secretária da Saúde -segunda à esquerda - também esteve no encontro.

Secretary of the Health – second to the left – also was in the meeting

Beyond the quiz in itself, the applicatory one of the game also possesss a tool for the register of photos of possible focos of infestation of the Aedes “mosquito” aegypti. When being posted by the users, who must inform place and make one brief description of the situation, the images are directed to the local Civil Defense, that takes the steps necessary to decide the problem.

It lowers applicatory you also and it enters in the fight against the Aedes aegypti.

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