Campaign #StrikeAedes was prominence in Catraca Livre


Accomplished by Cioeste, the campaign #StrikeAedes was thrown in November of 2016 with the purpose of stimulating the youths’ engagement in the combat to the mosquito Aedes aegypti, especially in the cities that integrate the consortium intermunicipal.

For that, the campaign threw one loves for smartphones, that consists of an educational quiz with more than a thousand questions on history, geography, sciences, health and subjects related to the mosquito Aedes aegypti and to the diseases transmitted by the insect. The initiative of creating loves him/it and to weekly reward the players residents of the municipal districts of Cioeste that more punctuates in the game was published by the Catraca Livre.

catraca livre


The portal Ao Quadrado, of Catraca Livre, explained that the campaign presses the players better ranqueados in the game with entrances for movies and that the application of the it loves is available for Android and iOS.

Check the complete matter and lower right now loves him/it #StrikeAedes. You can challenge the friends and to have fun while he/she learns how to combat the Aedes aegypti.

Matter – Catraca Livre




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