Check out the performance of participants of the Campus Party 2017 in the game #StrikeAedes

To spread the initiative and to engage the participants of the Campus Party 2017 to adopt the knowledge as tool of combat to the Aedes “mosquito” aegypti, the campaign #StrikeAedes carried through a series of action in the event, as #DesafioStrikeAedes.

The team of the campaign invited the “campuseiros” to test its common knowledges e, clearly, everything what they knew on the Aedes aegypti and the illnesses transmitted for the insect, by means of the game #StrikeAedes.

With more than a thousand questions, the game consists of a superquiz that approaches diverse subjects. For example: you know who you were the first president of Brazil? The questions of the game nor always are related to the Aedes aegypti and the illnesses transmitted for the insect. In this game, you it answers the questions on history, geography, health, TV, cinema, soccer and a series of other subjects.

It confers below in the video as the participants of the Party Campus if they had left in the question on the first Brazilian president.

But we go to a question on the Aedes aegypti: you know how many eggs the female of the “mosquito” you are capable to botar in one day? This was another question that the team of the campaign #StrikeAedes made the participants of the Party Campus. It sees the reaction of the campuseiros that had accepted the challenge.

Familiar game also lowers you it #StrikeAedes and and amuses participating of the quiz with and friends. You still can gain prizes in case that if she has detached in weekly ours ranking and she inhabits in one of the cities that integrate the Cioeste – Osasco, Barueri, Itapevi, Cotia, Jandira, Carapicuíba, Santana de Parnaíba and Pirapora do Bom Jesus.

Download of the game can be carried through by the Google Play or the App Store.

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