Cioeste and European Union after define action for the area of IT partnership

The Cioeste, following the calendar of work of the partnership firmed with the European Union from project IUC-LAC, will participate, in this monday (8/01), of a video conference to deal with on the implantation of the cadastre of Brazilian companies YOU, carried through way Internet, whom they desire if to connect and to make businesses with companies of the Poland, more specifically of the region of Bielsko-Biała.

The region of the Cioeste was selected by the European Union, enters one of only three regions of Latin America, to integrate the program of the baptized block as International Urban Cooperation: Sustainable and Innovative cities and Regions – Regional Action Latin America and the Caribbean (IUC-LAC).

The objective is to develop joint initiatives that can take the new business-oriented chances, promoting the entrepreneurship, as well as the interchange of ideas and experiences.

The project is financed by the Instrument of Partnership of the European Union, that it selected, amongst the European regions, of Bielsko-Biała, by means of its Agency of Regional development (ARRSA), to be part of the initiative.

Bielsko-Biała is the capital of the south sub-region of the Poland. It encloses an area of 2.352 kilometers squared, with a population of about 665.269 inhabitants, and is responsible per 1,8% of the Polish GIP. She is also one of the regions economically more developed of the Poland, with a climate favorable to the companies – it has about 24 a thousand, between them, 632 of YOU had been registered until February of 2017.

The project of cooperation between companies of technology (YOU) of the Poland and the region of the Cioeste will open new markets for the region, in the Europe. The interested parties in making the pairing, as well as promotion business-oriented and I interchange technological with Polish companies, will be able to be registered in cadastre, by means of the fulfilling of a questionnaire (in English), in the site of the Cioeste.

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