Cioeste supports structuring of platform that will help in the adaptation to climatic changes

 In this Wednesday (06/09), the Cioeste (Intermunicipal Trust of the Region West Metropolitan of São Paulo) participated of 4º workshop of the AdaptaClima platform, in Brasilia. With forecast of launching for the beginning of December, the site has the mission systemize and to provide information related to the adaptation to the changes of the climate, also stimulating the sharing of knowledge between people and institutions in the country engaged in this schedule.

The meeting congregated articuladores-key of the federal government, as well as representatives of local governments and international cooperation, in order to argue the composition of the Governance of the initiative and the fortification of the net of involved actors in its development and maintenance.

Co-ordinated for the Ministry of the Environment and developed for the Center of Studies in Sustainability of the Getúlio Foundation Vargas (GVces), the project counts on the participation of diverse organizations, as the Inter-American Bank of Development, the Foundation Oswaldo Cruz, the ONU Environment, the South American Net for the Ambient Migrations and the Cioeste. The index of vulnerability to the climatic changes – pioneering study undertaken by the trust, unknown in a region metropolitan – has appeared as it marries of reference throughout the creation of the platform, that comes being developed of collaborative form.

Carried through in partnership with the Bank of Development of Latin America (Caf), the study it acquires recognition as one practical efficient one of previous preparation for the confrontation to the climatic changes, having potential of response in other cities and territories of the country.


Evaluating the vulnerabilities current and future of the cities that ahead integrate the Cioeste of possible alterations in the climate, the vulnerability index presents a series of measures of adaptation to these changes that can be adopted throughout the next years. The AdaptaClima, in turn, will supply given climatic to the users so that they have the possibility to calculate possible impacts and the level of vulnerability where if it is ahead of them. It will also provide a variety of information – both local and global – related to the topic and will assist people in developing adaptation strategies.

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