Cioeste creates Agency of Development

On this Wednesday (23) it happened in the Commercial Association of Carapicuíba, meeting between the Consortium Intermunicipal of the Metropolitan West Region of São Paulo (Cioeste) and members of the Forum of Regional Development. Mayor Sérgio Ribeiro, president of the Consortium, received the guests Eduardo Camargo and Sérgio Ribeiro, of the company CCR Through West, besides representatives of the Federal Savings bank of Carapicuíba, Jandira and Cotia.

The main theme of the encounter was the signature of the protocol of creation of Development West’s Agency, that will be the link between the Forum and the Consortium. For the opportunity of the representatives’ of CCR participation Through West, the theme urban mobility also entered in the debate line. Servant in November of 2013, the Forum gathers members of several sections of the society tends for objective to discuss and to suggest proposed for the Consortium. The theme urban mobility also discussed, taking advantage of of the participation of the members of CCR Through West.

Mayor Sérgio Ribeiro talked about the possibilities that open up to the participant municipal districts of the Consortium with actions executed in partnership. Among those actions they are the creation of a Consortium of Culture, composed by the secretaries of culture of the eight municipal districts, and the project for creation the Forum of Defense of the Woman, including the implantation of two houses shelter. Also this being studied the creation of a School of Government, in the molds of the one that exists already in Carapicuíba, for enhancement of the servants of the eight cities.

Development economical, regional and urban, infrastructure, health, education, culture and sports, social inclusion, human rights, environmental administration, public safety and institutional invigoration are the themes that orientate the performance of Cioeste, that is formed by Carapicuíba, Cotia, Barueri, Osasco, Jandira, Pirapora, Itapevi and Santana from Parnaíba. The oitos cities committees correspond to 2,23% of national GDP (Gross domestic product), they possess an area of almost 1 thousand Km² and they concentrate the approximate population of 2 million inhabitants.

Source: Cioeste creates Agency of Development. cotiatododia

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