Cioeste establishes commercial partnership with the region of Lazio, in Italy


The Cioeste (Intermunicipal Trust of the Region West Metropolitan of São Paulo) firmed in the last week a commercial partnership with the region of Lazio, in Italy.

The president of the trust and mayor of the city of Santana de Parnaíba, Elvis Cesar, was with the director of economic development of the region of Lazio, Carlos Rossi, with who established the alliance. The purpose of this partnership is to provide to the promotion in the exchange of technologies and expertise in questions as recycling, pharmaceutical industry and creative economy.

Elvis detached that the region possesss more than 300 cities little and has force in some enterprise enterprises in Italy and the world.

Already Rossi called attention for the factor Brazil and Italy to form a great neighborhood, emphasizing that the agreement happens between two developed regions, as of Lazio and the Region West of São Paulo, that if detaches in the productive field and if it worries about the qualification and formation of professionals. It believes that he can have useful and very beneficial a future of contributions for both the regions.

Meeting with ambassador

The president of the Cioeste, Elvis Cezar, also met with the ambassador of Brazil in Italy, Patriotic Antonio, to define a mission of Italian entrepreneurs who will come to Brazil

to visit the region of the trust, beyond treating on public politics in the scenes Brazilian and European.


The Cioeste has carried through an international series of partnerships with organizations and governments, in order to generate new businesses and commercial chances for the region, being promoted its economic and social development.

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