Cioeste establishes support with the Embassy of Brazil in Berlin, in Germany

Tcioeste embaixada 2he team of the Cioeste (Intermunicipal Trust of the Region West Metropolitan of São Paulo) was received by the Embassy of Brazil in Berlin, Germany, this Wednesday (3/05). The visit resulted in the consolidation of a canal of support between the trust and the delegation, with the purpose to stimulate the joint economic development, beyond making possible chances of importation and exportation and attracting investments German for the region of the trust.

The European country was, in 2016, the fifth bigger commercial partner of Brazil, being behind only of China, United States, Argentina and the Netherlands. While the main articles exported for the Latin American country had been coffee, tea, kills and spices (that they had represented 21.25% of the exportations), the products German more imported by Brazil had been mechanical boilers, machines, devices and instruments (25.05% of the importations).

It more than has 1,600 German companies installed in Brazil. The estimate is of that its contribution for the Brazilian industrial GIP is around 10%. They are gifts, only in the State of São Paulo, 800 more than subsidiary of companies of Germany, responsible for the generation of more than 250 a thousand jobs right-handers. Moreover, the São Paulo capital is considered the biggest German industrial city is of Germany.

One of the reasons of Brazil to be an attractive country for foreign investors is in the fact of the country to possess one of the biggest consuming markets of the world, with a population of 206,08 million inhabitants, according to data of the IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics) of 2016. In last the ten years, it had the ascension of 40 million consumers to the middle class, fact that stimulated the growth in some sectors. The country is also the biggest economy of Latin America.

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