Cioeste firms partnership with the Area Metropolitan of Barcelona

In last day 21 of April, the Cioeste (Intermunicipal Trust of the Region West Metropolitan of São Paulo) firmed an unknown agreement of cooperation with the AMB (Area Metropolitan of Barcelona), for exchanges of experiences in sights to search the perfectioning of the Governance metropolitan, as well as sharing of expertise in relation the projects and programs of the two regions.

The Area Metropolitan of Barcelona, also known as Great Barcelona, is a managed territorial entity under the beginning of municipality metropolitan. Formed for Barcelona and 35 adjacent cities around of the city, it presents a population of 3.239.337 inhabitants, in accordance with given of the Idescat (Institute of Statistics of Catalonia) of 2014.

The president of the Cioeste, Elvis Leonardo Cezar, signed the agreement next to the vice-president of the AMB. During the consolidation of the partnership, Elvis affirmed that, in visit to Barcelona, the team of the Cioeste had the chance to know advanced experiences in all the region metropolitan of the city and strengthened that the objective of the agreement is to make possible an exchange of experiences between the initiatives of the Cioeste in the region West of São Paulo and the AMB.

“We go to try to supply to some expertise of our region metropolitan, of our trust, of the region metropolitan West, making this agreement where the regions metropolitans and the trust will have knowledge, cooperation reciprocity, of technology, at last, of that it can improve the quality of life of our people”, it affirmed the president of the Cioeste.

The performance of the AMB is focada in three scopes: ordinance of the territory, urbanism and infrastructures of metropolitan interest. In these fronts, the Area Metropolitan of Barcelona is involved in a series of plans and projects. Examples are its paper in the formularization and initial and provisory approval of the plurimunicipais programs of urbanistic performance, as well as the cooperation and assistance technique that it offers to the cities in terms of planning, programs of action, projects and workmanships and disciplines urbanistic.

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