Cioeste follows ahead in agreement of cooperation with the Net Mercocidades

During the last week, the team of the Cioeste (Intermunicipal Trust of the Region West Metropolitan of São Paulo) was in Montevidéu, in Uruguay, following the meeting of coordination of the work groups of the Mercocidades Net, and in Córdoba, in Argentina, where protocols had been firmed pilot of intention for the promotion business-oriented between cities of the net, carried out for Santana de Parnaíba.

The Cioeste was received in the Brazilian embassy of Montevidéu, that made available the assessorship of the Secom (Secretariat of Commercial Promotion) to support the trust and the city of Santana de Parnaíba in the mission and to facilitate the local schedule.

In this way, the accomplishment of a meeting with the agency Uruguay XXI was possible, whose performance has as purpose to foment businesses and to promote the growth of exportations in Uruguay, in order to alçar the economy of the country the international level. As result, the Uruguayan agency will make its first one visits to the region of the Cioeste in next day 6 to April.

Still in the same mission, the Cioeste was in Argentina and participated of meeting in the General Consulate of Brazil in Córdoba. By intermediary of the consulate, the trust was received by the ProCórdoba agency, that works with the objective to consolidate the base of exportation of the Argentine city, guaranteeing the sustainable growth of the companies and local products in the international markets, also initiating the process of evaluation of an schedule for business-oriented missions of promotion between the regions Brazilian and Argentine.

Already in meeting with the mayor of Córdoba and its team, from the expression of local interest in evaluating the constitution of a intermunicipal trust in its region metropolitan (that it has similar characteristics of population and economic development to presented for the region the São Paulo west), she was also waked up the cooperation of the Cioeste with that municipal administration, beyond the beginning of a calendar of business-oriented missions for promotion, in order to catalyze the economic development of the regions.

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