Cioeste inaugurates thirst in Barueri

On this Thursday (30/5), deputy Márcio Camargo (PSC) participated in the inauguration of the headquarters of the Consortium Intermunicipal of the Metropolitan West Region of São Paulo (Cioeste), in Barueri. The event counted with the representatives’ of the eight integral cities of the consortium presence: Barueri, Carapicuíba, Cotia, Itapevi, Jandira, Osasco, Pirapora of Good Jesus and Santana from Parnaíba.

The mayor of Cotia, Carlão Camargo, current president of Cioeste, talked about the importance of the union of the municipal districts on behalf of improvements for the Metropolitan Area of São Paulo and it stressed some benefits that will be implanted next months. Vice-mayor Moisezinho also detached the importance of the consortium.

Representing the government of the State, Camargo reminded to have accompanied the creation of the consortium when it was in the municipal administration of Cotia and it detached his/her cooperation as deputy. “Us, parliamentary, we participated together with the mayors of the eight municipal districts to guarantee larger investments for the metropolitan area”, he/she said. Deputy Igor Soares (PTN) also participated in the event.

The president of the City councils of Cotia, Sérgio Folha, he spoke on behalf of the Legislative Power of the city. The coordinator in Defense of the Women of the Consortium, Sônia Rainho, thanked the space given for the women in vulnerability conditions.

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