Cioeste participates in Cumbre of Mercociudades

Of November 23 to 25 of our November team was in Cumbre of Mercociudades in Santa Fé, in Argentina. Representing Cioeste, the Mayor of Santana from Parnaíba, Elvis Cézar, participated in interviews and important meetings close to the piece of advice of this event. It was also signed an unpublished cooperation agreement between Mercociudades and Cioeste. Besides, the city of Santana from Parnaíba was chosen for the coordination of the committee of fomentation of businesses and to occupy the piece of advice of Mercociudades.

Prefeito de Santana de Parnaíba Elvis Cezar assinando o acordo de parceria inédito entre o Mercociudades e o Cioeste.

XXI CumbreMercociudades had the main theme “Building resilient societies in the extent of the regional integration”, besides having the passage of the Net of São Paulo for Santa Fé. Mayor José Corral will be the responsible for orientating the objectives and responsibilities of the organ in 2017.

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