Cioeste participates of forum on regional development next to countries of Latin America and the Caribbean

The Cioeste (Intermunicipal Trust of the Region West Metropolitan of São Paulo) participated in the last week of the Carbon Forum of Caribbean Latin America and, main conference related to the economic sector and of markets that privilege low the carbon emission in the region.

Carried through between days 18 and 20 of October in the City of Mexico, the event promoted the connection between participants interested in on businesses the cares with the climate and the environment.

Between local actors, regional and international of the sectors public, private and financial, the Latin American forum congregated leaders politicians and intellectuals, as well as organizations, to share knowledge, to approach new trends of market and to identify business-oriented chances in the climatic scene, that passes for a sped up process of changes.

The thematic programming of the event includes topics as climatic finances; price of carbon; climatic sectorial actions; e related collaboratives actions and of leadership to the climatic question. Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay, Peru, Venezuela and diverse other country of Caribbean Latin America and had participated of the meeting.

From its participation in the forum, the Cioeste had the possibility to enter in contact with other institutions and involved social actors with the climatic questions and to develop new partnerships for initiatives of business-oriented cooperation and promotion.

In this year, the event co-was organized by institutions as World Bank Group, Latin American Organization of Energy (Olade), of Commerce of Emissions (Ieta) Inter-American Flock and, International Association Program United Nations for the Environment (the PNUD) of Development (BID).

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