Cioeste participates of meeting on urban planning next to latinoamericanas cities

It is happening, in this friday (7/07), the first meeting of the thematic unit “Strategical Planning and Areas Metropolitans”, of the international net Mercociudades, of that the Cioeste is part.

Transmitted way Facebook, from fanpage of the Mercociudades, the event happens in Buenos Aires (Argentina), but counts on participants of Santiago, Installation, There Plata, Córdoba, Jumps, Montevidéu, São Paulo (represented for the Cioeste), among others cities of countries as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay.

The Cioeste will say on metropolitan planning and models of Governance during the meeting. Each city will have 15 minutes to present its considerações, and the spectators have also the possibility to send questions for the expositors to the end.

The panels presented during the meeting are the following ones: “Tools of planning and joint of the fabric urban with the participation of the citizen” and “strategical Planning perspective metropolitan”.

Click to follow and to know more on the work of the Cioeste and the net here of that the trust participates next to other cities and regions of Latin America.

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