Cioeste launches combat campaign to the Aedes aegypti

Campanha Strike Aedes relaizada pelo Cioeste

With the arrival of the rains, the period appears in that the Aedes aegypti. insect transmitter of diseases as primness, zika and chikungunya. more she proliferate. Therefore, Cioeste is throwing the campaign #StrikeAedes, that has as objective promotes the engagement of the population to contain the mosquito and the diseases disseminated by him.

To motivate the youths to announce her/it of the combat against the THE.aegypti, the campaign will take this mobilization also for the digital universe, starting from an application of it loves that can be lowered in Google Play and Apple Store. And who enters in the game it can still Its up to prizes, since he/she is resident of one of the eight municipal districts that integrate Cioeste (Santana from Parnaíba, Barueri, Carapicuíba, Cotia, Itapevi, Jandira, Pirapora of Good Jesus and Osasco).

Some personalities known in the internet will do part of the campaign and to participate in the it loves. They are them Ed Castro and Leo Filomeno, of the Modern Man’s” “Manual blog; Dudu Sales, of the blog “Crop of Fat”; Marchwill and Nannetti, that play the channel “Loop Infinito”, in YouTube; and Caio Komatsu, of the channel “Fail Wars.”

The campaign will also count with weekly actions of popularization, besides contests of pictures. Accompany the social nets of Cioeste and of the #StrikeAedes and be inside of the innovations.

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