Cioeste receives invitation to compose directive committee of LEDS LAC

The Cioeste (Intermunicipal Trust of the Region West Metropolitan of São Paulo) was contemplated the invitation to be part of the directive committee of the LEDS LAC, international net of multilateral organizations, governments and agencies that work in the promotion of strategies of economic and social development with low emissions of effect gases greenhouse in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Space of meeting for representatives of governments, not-governmental agencies of cooperation, organizations, private universities and sectors, LEDS LAC facilitates the advance of these strategies of different forms, programs, projects and cooperações.

Some examples are the opening of coordination chances, contribution and sinergia between nets; the development and international reinforcement of methods of qualification promotion, interchanges and the systematization and dissemination of information, tools and resources so that the strategies of low emission of effect gases greenhouse are implemented while planning and management publish.

In this way, LEDS LAC articulates diverse teams of countries, international justinian codes technician and organizations to add value on initiatives the development strategies, with the use of boardings innovative techniques and resources.

Beyond the recent adhesion of the Cioeste, the directive committee of the net is formed by agencies as the World Bank, the Program of United Nations for Development (UNDP), the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) and the Bank of Development of Latin America (Caf).

The invitation directed to the Cioeste became the intermunicipal trust the first municipal representation (and subnacional) to compose the directive committee of LEDS LAC, what for itself already it represents unknown recognition and an unknown model of Governance publishes.

It folloies the work of the net!

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