City halls that are part of Cioeste reinforce combat to the Aedes aegypti

Ações municipais têm objetivo de combater possíveis criadouros do inseto.

The municipal districts that are part of Cioeste (Consortium Intermunicipal of the Metropolitan West Region of São Paulo) are intensifying the combat actions to the mosquito Aedes aegypti, transmitter of diseases as primness, zika and chikungunya.

During organized encounter for Cioeste in the beginning of the month, mayors explained how the beginning of the actions happened in their mandates. In Itapevi, mayor Igor Soares (PTN) affirmed that the campaign had his/her initial kick marked by a walk with the participation of whole the secretariat, besides the presence about 400 residents of the municipal district. According to Soares, the number of agents of health it would bend during the campaign. it would pass from 30 to 60. and an innovation would be the drones use to help in the aerial search of potentials nurseries of the Aedes aegypti.

Already in Osasco, mayor Rogério Lins (PTN) said to have accompanied a team of 100 professionals recently, as agents of health and of Zoonoses, that traveled residences of the Jardim Santa Maria, in order to eliminate nurseries of the insect.

For his/her time, to motivate the combat to the mosquito among the youths, Cioeste threw the campaign #StrikeAedes, that took the confrontation to the Aedes aegypti for the digital means, starting from a game online with registration of pictures, that can be lowered by Google Play and for App Store. The players that more they punctuate in it loves him/it to every week can win prizes in case they live in the municipal districts of Santana from Parnaíba, Barueri, Carapicuíba, Cotia, Itapevi, Jandira, Pirapora of Good Jesus and Osasco.

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