City of the Cioeste if detaches in national index of public administration

A survey of the Chamber of Gestão Pública (CGP), of the Federal Advice of Administração (CFA), detached one of the cities that the Cioeste for its municipal Governance integrates. Leading in consideration changeable as fiscal quality, quality of management and performance, the city of Santana de Parnaíba, in the Great São Paulo, it occupies the second position in top 30 of Index CFA of Municipal Governance (IGM-CFA). The pointer presents national abrangência.

São Paulo was the State with bigger prominence in ranking, with 12 cities between the 30 best ones; after that, it appears Santa Catarina, with seven cities in evidence. The purpose of the pointer consists of stimulating the promotion of improvements and adjustments in the management of the cities, in the words of the president of the CFA, Sebastião Luiz de Mello. It considers that the survey can assist just-elect mayors in the elaboration of public politics.

The São Paulo city of Ilhabela occupies the first position in ranking, while the third place detaches the municipal Governance of Bomblets, in Santa Catarina. The economy of these cities – that they concentrate 32,197 and 14,312 inhabitants, respectively, according to data of the IBGE – its main foundation finds in the tourism.

The challenges presented for the city of the Cioeste in what it says respect to the public administration are different of found in these the two cities. This because Santana de Parnaíba – that she occupies as the place in the survey – possesss a bigger population, of 126.574 inhabitants, and if has shown interesting a commercial polar region for investors.

The local city hall, by means of its secretariats, comes congregating efforts since 2014 to help entrepreneurs whom they desire if to install in the city. Moreover, in recent years, incentives you are had been granted the companies of strategical segments, as of technology, in order to stimulate the economic development of the city and, consequentemente, the region of the Cioeste.


For the accomplishment of the study, had been evaluated widely known indices already, as the Index of Development Humano (IDH), the Index Firjan de Municipal Development and the Index of Effectiveness of Municipal Gestão (IEGM). From the analysis of these surveys, it more than had the identification of 400 0 variable.However, none directed did not meet to indicate the quality of the public administration.

In such a way, they had been selected changeable that presented high correlation with this subject, and them they had been grouped in three dimensions: fiscal quality, quality of the management and performance. She was servant, then, the metric one adopted for the IGM-CFA.

Information of diverse 0 variable are considered in the survey, as health, education, fiscal management, ambient management, Index of Development Municipal Humano (IDHM), habitation, social vulnerability, human resources, INSTITUTIONAL joint and urban planning.

Best cities to invest

Santana de Parnaíba are considered still 9ª better city to invest in Brazil and 5ª better in the State of São Paulo, in accordance with ranking of the Urban Systems of 2016. The city, located the 35 kilometers of the São Paulo capital, is situated in a region of industrial polar regions and presents access to the main highways and airports of the State.

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