Consortium enlarges dialogue with aldermen

Mayors of the cities that form Region West’s (Cioeste) Consortium Intermunicipal met with presidents of the City Halls and the mayors’ leaders in the Houses on this Thursday, 25, to discuss the enlargement of the dialogue between the Consortium and the Legislative of the municipal districts of the area.

We are “of open doors to receive the parliamentarians”, he/she says Caves

We “want to enlarge the performance, opening space for the Legislative and society discuss projects and to work in way unified to win political force on behalf of the area. The idea is to enlarge the participation with the support of the Cameras, workers and entities patronais that promote the dialogue with the society”, he/she affirmed the mayor of Osasco, Jorge Lapas (PT), president of Cioeste.

Cioeste will take to the Cameras an accounts rendered of the consortium, servant in 2013. The Houses of Laws of Osasco, Carapicuíba, Cotia and Itapevi should receive the technical team of Cioeste in process to present the projects and to discuss suggestions of united proposals.

We “moved forward a lot in the conquest of improvements for the area, involving the government of the state, with the deputies’ of several parties that add forces with Cioeste support and we are of open doors to receive the parliamentarians”, he/she declared Caves.


Besides the mayor of Osasco, that is president of the consortium, they participated in the meeting mayors Carlos Camargo (Cotia), Jaci Tadeu (Itapevi), Gregório Maglio, acted by the secretary of Culture and Tourism, Ronaldo Soares (Pirapora of Good Jesus), Elvis Cézar (Santana from Parnaíba), the presidents of the Cameras of Osasco (Jair Asaf), Carapicuíba (Abraão Júnior), Cotia (Sérgio Leafs) and Itapevi (Júlio César Portela) and the mayors’ of Cotia (Rogério Franco) leaders, Itapevi (Alexandre Rodrigues) and Osasco (Aluísio Pinheiro).

Income loss worries mayors

A rising accomplished by Cioeste presented on this Thursday, 25, it points that the city halls of the cities that form the consortium intermunicipal lost, committees, R$ 430 million in income in the first four months of that year.

During encounter with aldermen, the mayors detached the importance of the increase of the parliamentarians’ participation close to Cioeste to look for alternatives to soften the impacts of the income fall in the budget. “The road is the union for we conquer the necessary for our cities, that have common problems and they suffer with the income” loss, the mayor of Itapevi, Jaci Tadeu said.

Source: Consortium enlarges dialogue with aldermen. Vision West

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