Digital Influencers participate in the campaign #StrikeAedes

The campaign #StrikeAedes, thrown by Cioeste, he/she brought the confrontation to the mosquito Aedes aegypti for the digital means, through a game online with registration of pictures, that can be lowered by Google Play and for App Store. The objective of the campaign is to motivate the youths the if they engage and they adopt the knowledge as combat tool to the insect, that transmits diseases as primness, zika and chikungunya.

The youtuber Dee Galvão, that speaks on you love in his/her channel in YouTube dedicated to the young public, and the digital influenciador Dudu Sales, of the blog Crop of Fat, they already entered in this virtual combat and they invited all of the browsers do her the same.

The campaign happens in a conjuncture in that Brazil lives epidemics of the diseases transmitted by the Aedes aegypti, and the arrival of the summer causes an increase in the risk of transmission of such diseases. Being like this, the game #StrikeAedes was developed to become aware young in school age on the importance of putting in measured practice to avoid the proliferation of the mosquito.

And, to motivate people more and more to enter her in this fight, those that to every week if they highlight in the game.that is an entertaining and educational quiz. they win entrances for the Rede Cinemark. They can Its up to the entrances people that live in the municipal districts of Osasco, Barueri, Jandira, Itapevi, Cotia, Pirapora of Good Jesus, Carapicuíba and Santana from Parnaíba.

Accompany the innovations through the hotsite of the campaign, as well as for the social nets of the #StrikeAedes and of Cioeste.

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