From Santana de Parnaíba, “Way of the Sun” covers interior of state

Born in Galileia, the fisherman Tiago left everything stops backwards following the steps of Jesus Christ, in accordance with the Christian teachings. It gave beginning, in such a way, to a religious route of 800 kilometers that congregates thousand of pilgrims since the remote century the nine – Way of Santiago. The passage crosses the north of Spain, until the city of Santiago de Compostela, in the northwest of the country.

Created in 2002 for the entrepreneur Jose Palma, the São Paulo version of the famous religious route part of Santana de Parnaíba and has as destination Waters of Is Peter. While they cover the 241 kilometers that separate the two cities, the people who if venture for the Way of the Sun, as the passage was known, pass for Pirapora do Bom Jesus, Cabreúva, Itu, Jump, Elias Fausto, Capivari, Mombuca, Arapongas, Piracicaba and Artemis.


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Jose Palma had the idea to create the way after carrying through the peregrination in Spain, has 20 years more than. The initiative was born with the objective to provide to the caminhantes a pleasant environment and tranquilo, surrounded for agricultural areas, that the possibility to live deeply a introspective experience offered to the pilgrims and of release of the materiality.

Historical farms, urban plantations and centers are part of the Way of the Sun, that is carried through in 11 days for who covers it the foot. Already those that they choose to cross the bicycle route lead between three and four days to arrive its destination, passing for lands with altitudes that vary between 473 and 845 meters. With motivation that can in such a way be esportiva how much spiritual, the pilgrims cross ways that still make possible an immersion in the culture caipira.

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The route does not demand great physical preparation, but a good dose of will force is essential. For who the foot makes the passage, the daily walked one is of 24 kilometers, distance that can be covered in an approach interval of 6h30 14h. The passage passes for tarred roads, of land and between canaviais.

To rest and to recoup the energies, the caminhantes or ciclistas find settled throughout the way, that offer lunch, supper, spend the night and coffee of the morning.

Patron of Águas de São Pedro

Foundation date of Águas de São Pedro coincides with the day of the Apostle Santiago (day 25 of July). On account of this – and also in reason of the topographical characteristics and the quality of life in the city -, in December of 2001, the basic rock of the House of Santiago was launched, place where Sun finishes the Way it.

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The House of Santiago is currently the shelter of the Spanish image of Is Tiago, who was delivers the pilgrims in 25 of July of 2002. In the following year, Bispo Don Moacyr Vitti signed a decree promulgating Santiago the Patron de Águas of Is Peter. Until that moment, the city not possuía an official patron.

To live the experience to cover the Way of the Sun, caminhantes carry through an investment of R$ $202,80 and ciclistas, of R$ 155,80. The amount includes passport, safe door-passport, choker wooden and for casualties. Moreover, before if venturing in the passage, the pilgrims must participate of a orientativa lecture, in order to take knowledge regarding the characteristics and restrictions of the route.

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It knows more on the calendar of exits for the passage, as well as regarding the Guidance lectures, having access the official site of the Way of the Sun.

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