Meeting for campaign presentation in CEFOR Osasco


Yesterday the team of Cioeste was present in a work meeting with the secretaries and technicians of health of our area that you/he/she happened in CEFOR Osasco.

Among other important lines of the area of the health, one of the objectives of the group is deepen the actions and mobilization campaigns in the prevention of the diseases related to the mosquito Aedes aegypti.

In that sense we invited all to collaborate with our digital action #STRIKEAEDES, campaign that uses as strategy the youths’ engagement through the digital means, in actions in the social nets, with digital games and contest of pictures, motivating the preventive actions and that serve as example multiplier.

The largest objective of that action is to activate the power of the citizenship in the fight against the diseases caused by the mosquito Aedes aegyp.

In the search of larger efficiency in the popularization of the action close to students and young of the area, it was formed a work group that in a first moment this lifting the schools of the area and the areas of larger infestation of the mosquito, in way to make possible larger impact in the society.


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