Performance of the Cioeste in the Region Metropolitan of São Paulo is prominence in the Magazine Brasil+

The multiple fronts of performance of the public trusts and the expansion of these associations between cities in Brazil throughout the years had been treated in a news article of the new edition of the Brasil+ Magazine, semester publication of Competitive the Brazil Movement that is distributed in all the domestic territory. The Cioeste (Intermunicipal Trust of the Region West Metropolitan of São Paulo) is one of the entities detached in the news article.

The choice to approach the performance of the Cioeste in a publication as this, that if considers to establish examples for the national public administration, shows a recognition for the work of modernization in the local management carried through by the trust in the Region West Metropolitan of São Paulo since 2013.

The purpose of Competitive the Brazil Movement is to engage diverse sectors in the country to hug the challenge to search the excellency in such a way in the public administration how much in the private e, in this way, to improve the Brazilian competitiveness front the international markets. The organization hás support of great companies of the country, as Embraer, Fiat, Intel, Gerdau, Infraero and Grupo Globe.

The Brasil+ Magazine, therefore, is one of the ways of this enterprise entity to reach public entrepreneurs and managers national and to present organizacionais models of management that have been well-occurred in the country.

Competitive the Brazil Movement, that was to the front of a series of initiatives in the last decade, possesss projects in the areas of the public and private administration and innovation. An example is the Program Modernizing the Public administration, initiative whose objective is to carry through an interchange of expertise in management of the private sector for the Brazilian public administration.

Optimizing management methods and reorganizing processes, of form to improve the public administration, the program already was implemented in 17 states, 14 cities, seven ministries, beyond secretariats of the Presidency of the Republic and agencies of the judiciary power.

It reads the complete news article of the Brasil+ Magazine, that, when treating on the relevance of the public trusts in Brazil, brings as examples trusts of different transports and lines of performance, as the Civap (Intermunicipal Trust of the Valley of the Paranapanema), the BrC (Central Brazil Trust) and the Cioeste.

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