Pirapora commemorates 292 years with extensive programming of festivities

Integrant one of the Cioeste (Intermunicipal Trust of the Region West Metropolitan of São Paulo), the city of Pirapora do Bom Jesus celebrates 292 years in day 6 of August. However, the commemorations of anniversary of the “city of the alive faith”, as it is known, start no longer final of July.

Musical masses, procession, novena, presentations and feijoada are part of the programming. The Sanctuary Diocesan Mr. Bom Jesus will give beginning to the festivities in this Wednesday (26/07), with the celebration of the Mass of the Family. In fifth (27/07), the ceremony of exchange of the mantle happens Mr. Bom Jesus, whose image was found in the city in 1725.

The programming follows in sixth (28/07), with the beginning of a novena and, in the following day (29/07), with the Walked one of the Car of Ox, that relembra as the miracle identified in Pirapora do Bom Jesus later whom the image of the saint was discovered.

In the official day of the anniversary, 6 of August, the commemorations of the Party Mr. Bom Jesus have beginning early. Masses will be celebrated in the Sanctuary to 6h, 8h, 10h, 12h and 15h. In the end of the afternoon, to 17h, the streets of the city will be busy for the fidiciary offices that will follow the traditional procession Mr. Bom Jesus. After the walked one, will have the accomplishment of plus a mass, to 19h30.


And it does not stop for there. Between days 4 and 6 of August, shows religious will be carried through in front of the Sanctuary Mr. Bom Jesus. In day 4, the Sílvio Priest Andrei will present itself to 21h; stage will be of Antonio Cardoso in day 5, also from 21h; e, in the day 6, who if presents is the Band Vida Reluz, in the same hourly.

The commemorations for the anniversary of the city are mainly of religious character on account of day 6 of August to be also the date that celebrates the meeting of the image of Mr. Bom Jesus to the edges of Rio Tietê.

However, the House of the Samba will go to participate of the festivities and to reopen between days 5 and 27 of August, when the owner will homage Maria Ester, piraporana of more than 80 years and ambassador of the samba in the city that died in this year.

Dona Maria Ester

Ester next to the group Samba of Wheel.

In the space, it will be possible to to taste itself with traditional the feijoada one offered for there, folloied of presentations of diverse groups of samba. The festivities in the House of the Samba will be carried through in all the sundays of the August month.

Years of history

With its foundation officialized in 6 of August of 1730, the city of Pirapora do Bom Jesus was emancipated politically only in 1958. But, since that it was established, the city if became a religious destination for innumerable fidiciary offices and is today a redoubt for religious of different parts of the country.

The family congregates and commemorates the anniversary of 292 years of this charming São Paulo city.

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