Pupils of the Project Anchor are presented to the campaign #StrikeAedes

The team of the campaign #StrikeAedes were in Cotia in this thursday (27/04), to divulge the initiative between the students who attend the Project Anchor, a school of basic education and average education whose proposal pedagogical encourages the autonomy of the pupils in the learning process.

The students of the space – that, daily, they meet with a tutor when arriving in the school, to argue the planning of the activities that will carry through during the day – #StrikeAedes, whose main objective is to stimulate the combat to the Aedes “mosquito” aegypti between the young, and guests to participate of a round had been presented to the proposal of the campaign to the living creature of the educative game that it is part of the initiative.

Answering the questions on history, geography, health, TV, cinema, soccer and a series of other boarded subjects in the quiz #StrikeAedes – that he can be lowered by the Google Play and the App Store -, the pupils had had the chance to test its knowledge and to know more regarding the Aedes “mosquito” aegypti and of the illnesses that he transmits, as affection, zika, chikungunya e, in urban areas, yellow fever.

It confers, to follow, more registers of the activity!








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