Representative municipal theatres if congregate in the headquarters of the Cioeste for 1ª meeting of the Chamber West of Councilmen

In the last friday (24/11), were carried through in the headquarters of the Cioeste the first meeting of the Chamber West of Councilmen of the Region Metropolitan of the State of São Paulo, congregating representative of the cities that integrate the trust.

The meeting was pautado by subjects as the union necessity enters the cities of the region for joint actions in favor of the local development. Moreover, the councilmen had started to trace goals and to decide the guidelines that will guide the next meetings.

Responsible for the public relations of the Chamber West, councilman Camila Godói, of Itapevi, she is the first woman to assume a position in the managing table of the together one. City council and speaker of the house Oeste of Osasco, ElissandroLindoso councilman, affirmed that she will be possible “to count on the participation accomplishes of aIts upnt and operating councilman”, completing that it will add qualitatively for the development of the initiative.

The Cioeste works to create politics, programs and actions that correspond to the interests of all the cities that integrate it. In this direction, the joint of the councilmen of the Chamber West goes to the meeting of the intentions defended for the trust.

The meeting of the last one sixth was presided over by Lindoso and had the presence of representatives of Barueri, Carapicuíba, Itapevi, Jandira, as well as of Araçariguama.

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