Residents of Barueri and Osasco are two-time champion in it loves him/it #StrikeAedes


To every week, it increases the number of champions of the it loves play #StrikeAedes, promoted by Cioeste to stimulate the combat to the mosquito Aedes aegypti. To occupy the first positions of the weekly ranking of the quiz, these players need to prove that their knowledge on movies, series of TV, pop culture and, mainly, regarding the mosquito and of the diseases that it transmits they are in day.

The resident of Barueri Katy Santos (29) it was knowing about the quiz through the son. Due to his/her great acting, she represented among the first ones put in the rankings of the Rounds 2 and 3 of the it loves, reaching 255 and 530 points, respectively.

Katy’s son received a pamphlet on the campaign #StrikeAedes in the school that frequents, the Municipal School of Teaching Fundamental (EMEF) Teacher Aristides of Costa and Silva. Arriving home, the boy soon asked that the mother lowered the quiz in the cellular of her. Katy hesitated at the beginning; however, when he/she downloaded, he/she surrendered to the game.

To do so many points, the resident of Barueri answered to the subjects of the you/he/she loves to at dawn. And, when they appeared questions on soccer, she fell back upon the son. “He said: ‘Mother, don’t you want to let me to play, but does he/she want me to answer?’. And me [he/she spoke]: ‘Logical, it helps me there’ “, he/she recalls Katy.

The son of the two-time champion threw a challenge for those that already embarked in it loves him/it. “I challenge everybody that plays #StrikeAedes to do more points than I”, had fun the student. With the victories in the game, his/her mother guaranteed two equal of entrances of the Rede Cinemark to take the boy and their siblings to the movies. The choice of the film? He/she is to criterion of the children.

Calista Jubilee (35) it also proved that is really good of #StrikeAedes after being champion in the quiz for twice following. The resident of Osasco stood out in the rankings of the Rounds 4 and 5 of the you/he/she loves, in that you/he/she reached 340 and 755 points, consecutively.

It was through the popularization accomplished by the Rede Geek that Calista was knowing of the you/he/she loves, in that was “addicted” after beginning to play. “I am listener of the Rede Geek has already about five years, and they published the game in the nets. I was disturbed half in the end of the year [of 2016], but as soon as I began to play, I already addicted”, it counted the team of the #StrikeAedes.

Do like Chiropodist and Katy and lower the quiz #StrikeAedes for Google Play or for App Store. You can also win prizes, in case it lives in the municipal districts of Osasco, Barueri, Cotia, Itapevi, Jandira, Carapicuíba, Santana from Parnaíba or Pirapora do Bom Jesus.

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