Santana de Parnaíba celebrates anniversary of 437 years with diverse attractions

In this tuesday (14/11), the city of Santana de Parnaíba, who integrates the Cioeste (Intermunicipal Trust of the Region West Metropolitan of São Paulo), complete 437 years.

The commemorations for the anniversary of the city include a series of cultural and recreational  activities, the inauguration of the Center of Attendance to Turista (CAT), beyond Pedal for the municipal historical center and a show of the pair sertaneja Maria Cecília and Rodolfo, who will sing its successes in front of the Monument of the Bandeirantes, one of the notables tourist points of the city.

The attractions start early, with a solemn mass in the First Church of Sant’ Ana, to 10h, followed for the inauguration of the CAT, to 11h. From 15h, cultural activities to the outdoors – for adults and children – will take account of the center of Santana de Parnaíba, as workshops of artesanato, dissertation of histories and face painting. The great show of anniversary of the city, with the pair Maria Cecília and Rodolfo, will happen from 20h. Already to 23h, the Road Parking Da Ponte will be stage of a great burning of fogos.

E does not stop for there. Diverse other attractions will happen in the city between days 11 and 25 of November. It confers the complete programming.


Santana de Parnaíba was established in 1.580 and currently presents the colonial joint greater of the State of São Paulo, overthrown for the Advice of Defense of the Historic site, Archaeological, Artistic and Tourist (CONDEPHAAT). The historical center of the city is composed for more than 200 houses and other constructions of centuries 17 and 18, with prominence for the traditional First Church of Sant’ Ana.

Tourists of diverse regions still are attracted for the place on account of its popular parties, as the folias of carnival; the carpet exposition in streets of the historical center during the holiday of Christi Corpus; e the stage of the Drama of the Passion, according to spectacle of the celebrated sort more in the country.

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