See how they were the actions of the campaign #StrikeAedesna Campus Party

The proposal of the campaign #StrikeAedes of motivating the combat to the mosquito Aedes aegypti through the knowledge, using the technology and the power of engagement of the digital mídias for that, it was what took the inciativa to Campus Party 2017.

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And the event could not be more aligned to this type on purpose, since, besides gathering interested parties in culture nerd and similar subjects, it also publishes initiatives and people that are generating positive social impact starting from the technology.

To engage the participants of the Campus in an entertaining way in it loves him/it and in the campaign #StrikeAedes, took to the Pavilion of Exhibitions of Anhembi. where the event happened. a mosquito in real size, that attracted several “campuseiros” and, in a very entertaining way, he/she became aware how to all on the important it is combat the Aedes aegypti and the diseases transmitted by the insect, as primness, zika and chikungunya.


Besides, on last Thursday (2/02), our team accomplished a workshop in one of the spaces for activities and conferences of the Campus Party 2017.

Not only we explained to the public that is the campaign #StrikeAedes and which the objective of this initiative during the workshop, as well as we created a challenge and we invited the audience to participate in the it loves. All the activity was transmitted live through the fanpage of the campaign in Facebook – you can still attend.


We still invited three champions of the game to participate in the activity: Chiropodist Jubilee, representing the municipal district of Osasco; José Agostinho Júnior, that lives in Barueri; and Thiago Cruz, player of Pirapora of Good Jesus.

Our victorious ones had a great acting in the game and why showed stood out. and they continue if highlighting. in the ranking of the it loves. See more images of the actions of the campaign in the Campus Party and lower #StrikeAedes for Google Play or for App Store.

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