#StrikeAedes partnership with the government’s from São Paulo campaign against mosquito

The mosquito Aedes aegypti presents more risks than never for transmitting, besides to primness, the zika and the chikungunya. Therefore, the campaign #StrikeAedes.that is promoting the engagement of young against the insect in an entertaining and educational way. it a partnership with the initiative “All against the Aedes aegypti”, of the Government of the State of São Paulo.

In the site of the state campaign.a task force with support of the Military police, of the Civil defense and of agents of Sucen to combat the mosquito -, it is possible to accomplish a register and to denounce focuses of the insect in São Paulo. Besides, through the page, the browsers can access the portal of news of the General office of the Health, as well as a course of technical orientation of combat to the Aedes aegypti.

Remember that the mosquito is still more dangerous during the summer, because his/her reproduction is accelerated in the periods of heat, and enter in this fight you also.

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