Students of Barueri if inspire in the campaign #StrikeAedes for pertaining to school work

The team of the campaign #StrikeAedes were in the Emeief Prof. João Tibúrcio Silva Son, in Barueri, the last friday (31/03). The students of the college, who already had been presented to the initiative by means of its teacher of English – Denise Baptista -, had had the chance to participate of a round to the living creature of the educative game play #StrikeAedes, a SuperQuiz for smartphones.

The school possesss a pedagogical project of interaction between disciplines them taught, and the campaign arrived to influence the planning of the lessons. In this way, the pupils had carried through a work on the combat to the Aedes “mosquito” aegypti, that he was displayed in the room of video of the college.



During the activity carried through for the team of the campaign in the school, the students had been invited to answer questions on history, geography, literature, music, soccer and, clearly, questions regarding the combat to the Aedes aegypti, transmitter of illnesses as affection, zika, chikungunya e, in urban centers, yellow fever.


The teacher Denise Baptista knew the game by means of a spreading in podcast Ultrageek and, after to be distinguished two times in ranking, she found that the game could be used as tool of learning in classroom. Therefore, it stimulated its pupils to lower applicatory #StrikeAedes and to start to play.

Stimulated for the teacher, the student Ana Beatriz of the Coast, 13 years, not only entered in the trick – that, of amused form, she teaches on the combat to the Aedes aegypti -, as well as already was distinguished in ranking of the game three times, having been awardee with pairs of ingressions to go to the cinema.

Estudante Ana Beatriz da Costa com sua professora de inglês, Denise Baptista.

When answering a question wrong in the quiz, the players are presented to the correct alternative. E was accurately assimilating the certain answers to each committed error that Ana Beatriz obtained to be distinguished in the game, where already arrived to mark 785 points.

It confers, to follow, more images of the activity carried through for the campaign #StrikeAedes in the Emeief Prof. João Tibúrcio Silva Son, who still counted on the presence of our ““big  fly””. In contrast of the true Aedes aegypti, it is of the good and was for only acquiring knowledge the children and the adolescents of the college there.






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