Sustainability orientates actions of Cioeste

Region West’s (Cioeste) Consortium Intermunicipal is a block formed by Jandira’s cities, Barueri, Osasco, Santana from Parnaíba, Itapevi, Pirapora of Good Jesus, Carapicuíba and Cotia, and he/she has if orientated to reduce the impact that the pollution has in the area and to foresee the consequences of the global heating in the area.

Integral of the commission of Cioeste they participated, to invitation of the Program of Development of the European Economical Community, of an international event to study clean alternatives of energy. as the mission gone back to the research of the reality of the biodiesel, that happened in July, in Portugal and England.

That will potentiate to facilities of valorization of residues and of biodiesel production starting from used alimentary oils.

Locally the block is qualifying about 50 employees to develop the municipalization of environmental licensing.

The action will activate processes of environmental licensing in the area, decreasing the time of wait to obtain necessary documentation for I begin of activities and projects.

Also of eye in the future, Cioeste received this week representatives of the Andean Company of Fomentation to evaluate the Index of Climatic Vulnerability in the area and the social and environmental impacts.

With base in the results, the block can make plans to prevent or to minimize local damages.

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