Teacher of Barueri wants to take game of the campaign #StrikeAedes for classroom

Ouvinte e amante de podcasts, a moradora de Barueri Denise Baptista ficou sabendo da campanha e do game #StrikeAedes por meio do Ultrageek – podcast da Rede Geek – e não hesitou em baixar o jogo, principalmente por morar

Listener and podcasts lover, the resident of Barueri Denise Baptista was knowing about the campaign and of the you/he/she loves #StrikeAedes through Ultrageek. podcast of the Rede Geek. and she didn’t hesitate in lowering the game, mainly for living in one of the municipal districts that is focus of the initiative.

It was when the amusement began and her, that he/she is a teacher in the municipal net of Barueri, he/she became two-time champion in the quiz, reaching 170 points in the Round 3 and 320 points in the Round 5. “My son and I passed a pleasant time playing and competing among us and with the other players”, it counted the winner to the team of the #StrikeAedes.

Before even of highlighting in it loves him/it and to be rewarded twice with pairs of entrances for the Rede Cinemark, Denise began to consider to use the game as learning tool in the school where teaches. The purpose would be to challenge their students, in way to promote interaction and knowledge. since it loves approaches him/it themes as history, geography, health and culture -, besides disseminating the combat to the mosquito Aedes aegypti.

“I am considering seriously to include that among my annual projects and to establish some points in the students’ averages in agreement with the involvement and progress of them in the game. I believe that my school will support that proposal and that can help in the popularization of the cause”, the teacher said.

I play in family

The whole family of Denise entered in the game, each member answering to the subjects related to fear with that she had more likeness. “When it was more for science, the dad [of the teacher’s son] it participated; when they were questions on games, him [the son] he/she knew; and another of general knowledge, me. Everybody played”, he/she shared the resident of Barueri.

Finally, Denise threw a challenge for all play #StrikeAedes and they combat the “mosquito” Aedes aegypti, that transmits diseases as primness, zika and chikungunya.

Accept this challenge right now, have fun competing with friends and family and still Its up to prizes, in case it lives in the municipal districts of Osasco, Barueri, Itapevi, Cotia, Jandira, Carapicuíba, Santana from Parnaíba and Pirapora of Good Jesus. The game can be lowered by Google Play and for App Store.

Check, below, the champion’s deposition.

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