Visit the biggest Buddhist temple of the Latin America, located in Cotia

The biggest Buddhist temple of Latin America is situated in Cotia, one of the cities that the Cioeste integrates (Intermunicipal Trust of the Region West Metropolitan of São Paulo). Occupying a land of 150 a thousand square meters, the ZuLai Temple is a destination whose visitation is valid same for who is not adept of the buddhism.

With a vast green area, the space provides an immersion in the Buddhist culture, waking up the attention for its beautiful architecture, as well as for the diverse sculptures that present. The temple is as a shelter zen, surrounded by its very nature, ideal stops in disconnects them of concerns and relaxing.

templo 5

The meditation environments gifts in the temple send to the aesthetic one of the Chinese palaces, being that the prominence of the main room is a done sculpture of Buddha of jade. On to the Monastery Fo GuangShan, the space has as purpose to divulge the buddhism by means of education, culture, filantropia and purificação spiritual.

Throughout the visit, it is possible if to come across with people who are housed temporarily in the place on account of retiros of meditation. The visitors can shoot currencies in a source of the desires, also light incenses for its ancestor, as well as writing asked for in papers and to hang them in trees.

Generally, the room of main ceremony account with the presence of volunteers, who approach with the visitors some of the principles of the Buddhist culture, as well as good the practical ones stimulated in the interior of the temple.

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The gratuitous visit has entered and parking and is excellent to be carried through in family. Gardens with statues of monges, cinerary, bookstore, store – with on articles to the Buddhist culture -, coffee shop and vegetarian restaurant are part of the stroll. The somentes restaurant is opened to the public to Saturdays, sundays and holidays, of 12h to 14h30.

Moreover, diverse cultural and religious activities are carried through in the temple, as courses, lectures and retiros. The programming is available in the site of the space.


the venerable Buddhist master HsingYün, recognized for the humanitarian work that develops world-wide, was in Brazil in 1992, to participate of a religious ceremony. In the occasion, a disciple asked on the possibility of it to leave one monge of its comitiva in the country, that could continue transmitting its teachings.

Templo Zu Lai em Cotia

After monja JueCheng – that it later received the name from Master Sincerity – to make use itself to be, the disciple that made the order to the HsingYün master donated a house, in a small farm, for the accomplishment of the works. The space, then, started to receive ceremonies, cults and rites.

In 1996, with a superior number of followers the 100, the space needed to be extended. A reform was carried through, but, as the place not yet had conditions to shelter followers, she was determined the construction of a bigger temple.

To make entire the involved Brazilian architects in the project regarding the architecture of a temple, the Master Sincerity took a team to China, in order to present the temples of the Tang Dynasty.

Three years later, it had the launching of the basic rock of the ZuLai Temple. However, the roofing tiles and the railing of the place needed to be imported of China, therefore it did not have who carried through this work in Brazil. In such a way, the resources had not been enough so that the workmanship had beginning, and the inauguration of the space was postponed for October of 2003.

ZuLai temple

Road Noble Fernando, 1461.

(Access for km 28,5 of the Raposo Highway Tavares)

CEP 06705-490. Cotia – São Paulo – Hourly

 Brazil of functioning

Tuesday to the friday: of 12h to 17h.

Saturdays, sundays and holidays: of 9h to 17h.

Sunday ceremonies to 10h.

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