Week Saint: Cities of the Cioeste carry through spectacle of the Passion of Christ

 Those that they desire to use to advantage to the maximum the Week Saint to better know the meaning religious of this time of the year will have the chance to appreciate beauties theatrical spectacles of the Passion of Christ in the cities of the Cioeste. The presentations start in the next thursday (13/04). However, the religious programming already had beginning this week, in the “Sunday of Branches” (9/04).

It confers, to follow, details on the celebrations carried through in the cities in the days that precedes Passover.

Pirapora do Bom Jesus

Pirapora do Bom Jesus is the point of arrived of thousand of fidiciary offices during the Week Saint. It has, between them, who covers the passage until the city loading crosses – from the proper effort or with the aid of familiar friends and – that they arrive to weigh 300 kilos. The pack is carried by great distances, of up to 250 kilometers, but the sacrifice is justified in the arrival, with depositions of gratefulness for reached favours or desires of health the dear beings.

The pilgrims are attracted to the “City of the Alive Faith” for its patron, Mr. Bom Jesus. With an extensive programming, that has as it has detached the processions and the Pitched Mass, the celebrations in Pirapora do Bom Jesus will happen between days 9 and 16 of April. In elapsing of the period, a series of masses will be celebrated in the Sanctuary Diocesan Mr. Bom Jesus.

In 2016, 80 a thousand visitors had more than been in the city, in accordance with estimates of Municipal Guarda.

It sees the programming complete of this year.

Peregrinos chegam à Pirapora carregando cruzes.

Santana de Parnaíba

Parnaíba the biggest spectacle to the outdoors of the Passion of Christ in the State of São Paulo and as the biggest one in Brazil, the “Drama of the staged Passion” in Santana de Parnaíba arrives at its 22ª presentation, bringing new features in the three days where she will be shown: 13, 14 and 15 of April, to 20h30. The attraction will happen in the Edgard barrage Souza, who is to the edges of Rio Tietê, in kilometer 240 of the Road of the Romeiros.

With more than two hours of duration, the spectacle that presents the trajectory of Jesus Christ will take form in a scenic space of 15 a thousand square meters and will count on a cast of 100 actors and about 400 figurantes. Moreover, one hundred men of the army also will participate of the attraction.

In this year, some new features had entered in the script. The main one happens in the first part of the spectacle and if it relates to the unknown stage of the “Wisdom of Salomão”, Biblical ticket that approaches the history of the King Salomão, notable for its prosperity, wisdom and for its long pacific reign. The second part of the presentation is come back toward the history of Jesus Christ, and the newness of this time will be the introduction of a poetical license to approach a ticket for the infancy and adolescence of the rescuer of the humanity.

Also it will have prominence in the stage – providing reflections – a moment where a girl of the present time will talk with God, personage that will be interpreted by an experienced Greek actor of 80 years, guest especially for the paper.

Beyond the exploitation of the natural space of the Edgard barrage Souza, the assembly of the scenic environment will directly count on rocks of Jerusalem and waters brought of Rio Jordão. The presentation has direction of Edimilson Andrade.

It knows more on the programming.


Another city of the Cioeste where the stage of the Passion of Christ also became a tradition is Itapevi. In the city, the devotion history will be presented to the public in days 14 and 15 of April, to 18h30, in the Porting Complex João Salvarani.  The expectation of the organization is that 2,200 people attend the spectacle.

Eighty actors of the Municipal School of Theater, beyond members of the community, will act in the presentations, that will still have the participation of more than 30 dancers of the Free Municipal School of Dance.

The spectacle has general direction of Hélton Lima, with dramaturgia of Daniel Bernardes. The gates of the gymnasium where the stage will happen will be opened 20 minutes before its beginning. Moreover, it will have a big screen of the side of it are of the place.

It confers the programming.


the city of Carapicuíba will carry through 17ª stage of the Passion of Christ, in the Theater of Enclosure for bullfighting, the Village, days 13 and 14 of April, to 19h30. The “drama of the Passion of Christ” counts on cast of 218 actors, being that 350 people participate of the direct production or indirectly.

Tradition in the calendar of the city, the stage has its annually renewed script, with new scenes and performances, so that history if keeps original. The capacity of public in the space of the presentation is of up to ten a thousand people.

It sees more details on the programming.

Carapicuíba realiza 17ª encenação da Paixão de Cristo.


the Municipal Theater of Barueri also will receive a beautiful spectacle from Passover. With direction of Dimas Fields, the presentations of “Passion of Christ – You increase Our Faith” will happen in days 14 (to 20h), 15 (to 16h) and 16 of April (to 16h and 19h). The assembly of the event is carried through by Youth Catholic of Barueri – they are more than 200 young, of all the parishes of the city, involved in the production.

The part searchs to question the public regarding the experience of the faith at difficulty moments. For this, mixture theater, dances, audiovisual, music to the living creature and interatividade with the hearing.

It knows more on the event.


In Osasco, the Auto spectacle “of the Passion – By Painful Sacra” it will be presented in days 11, 12, 13 and 14 of April, to 20h, in the School of Arts Cesar Antonio Salvi, in the center of the city. With general direction of Genivaldo de Jose, who will be also in scene, the event will have 17 actors still more that they will have the mission to count to the history of the crucificação and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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