Winter Clothing Campaign 2017 starts in cities of Cioeste

With the approach of the winter, the cities of the Cioeste (Intermunicipal Trust of the Region West Metropolitan of São Paulo) already is giving beginning to edition 2017 of the Winter Clothing Campaign. Hundreds of collection points have been distributed for the region, so that the townspeople donate clothes, blankets and shoes. To follow, it knows more on the organization of the initiative in each city.


itapeviIn the city of Itapevi, the Winter Clothing Campaign 2017 was launched at the beginning of the month, with the goal to collect 50 a thousand donations in this year. During the launching event, that happened in the Atenas Hall, the Center, and counted more than on the participation of 300 people, the number of donations exceeded two a thousand parts.

It will have about 400 points of collection spread by Itapevi throughout the campaign, including in the two shoppings of the city and in more than 100 points of commerce. Also they will receive the parts municipal public building and all the pertaining to school units from the municipal net of education.

The subject of the initiative is “You the cold, you quentinho. Doe new blankets and agasalhos or in good condition of use”.



With mote “solidarity heats. Doe one agasalho”, the campaign was launched in Cotia at the end of the month of April and possesss about 50 points of collection distributed by the city, where it is possible to donate clothes, footwear, blankets and agasalhos.

The number of places for donation is increasing, in the measure where more commercial companies, establishments and schools hug the campaign. Para que locais como estes se tornem pontos de arrecadação, basta que entrem em contato por meio do telefone (11) 4703-3549 e solicitem uma caixa de coleta.



Barueri Commanded for the Social one of Solidarity, the Winter Clothing Campaign 2017 started early in Barueri, in the March month. The opening of the social action was marked by a fashion parade, that happened in Alphaville and congregated storekeepers of the city for the cause.

The parade collected 327 parts, between clothes and accessories, for the carried through solidary bazaar in day 29 of April in favor of the campaign. The bazaar, in turn, collected R$ 37,319 in sales, sum that will be reverted for the purchase of new clothes to be distributed throughout the initiative.



The singers of the pair sertaneja Zé Neto & Cristiano are the godfathers of the Campaign of the Agasalho of the city of Carapicuíba, launched in the morning of this friday (12/05), in the Deep headquarters of the Social one of Solidarity. “My only order: that one agasalho kept. It comes and it donates with me” is the subject of the action.

Santana de Parnaíba


The mayor of Santana de Parnaíba, Elvis Cezar, was defied by its wife, Selma Cezar, to donate one coat for the Winter Clothing Campaign 2017 of Santana de Parnaíba. The politician used to advantage to defy the vice-mayor of the city, Oswaldo Luiz Borrelli, and all the secretaries of its management to not only make the same, but still to defy – each one of them – more two people to donate agasalhos.

The mayor also invited the townspeople to enter in the challenge and to produce a video calling two friends to participate of the action. “Who donates heats, who receives does not forget” is mote of the campaign.



The City hall of Osasco also already gave beginning to the Campaign of the Agasalho, with the call “does not close its eyes. It extends its hand and it donates heat”. It more than has 60 points of collection in the city.

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