With beautiful green areas, park in Cotia is destination for ciclistas, corridors and itinerant

With an area of 500 a thousand square meters, the Municipal Center of Campismo (Cemucam) was created in 1968 to divulge the practical one and to accomodate scouts. Today, almost 50 years later, the park located in the city of Cotia – that it integrates the Cioeste – was become popular in such a way for its beautiful tracks for walked and race and for diversified the fauna and flora that shelters how much for presenting one of the main circuits signaled for practical of mountain bike in the State of São Paulo.

Attractive way for ciclistas that like adrenalin and do not hesitate in exploring irregular lands under two wheels, the circuit possesss 7,600 meters of extension and skirtes the area of the park. The Cemucam is part of the history of mountain bike national; also, it was in the space that was born one of the biggest events related to the modality in the country, the MTB 12 Hours. The clear signalling, carried through thanks to the proper ciclistas, and the well defined track has become popular the park between that they practise the sport.

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Parking, field of soccer, paraciclos, track of cooper, different tracks, forest, squares poliesportiva, kiosks with churrasqueiras, playgrounds, water throughs, tables and banks are part of the infrastructure of leisure of the space. The place still shelters the Fishery Harry Blossfeld, who supplies species the Program of Arborization of the City hall of São Paulo. Moreover, one old large house with varanda covered – that already it served as area of encampment for scouts and where currently events are carried through – is also installed in the space.

Fauna and flora

Exist about 120 identified species of fauna in the Cemucam, between butterflies, reptiles, birds and mammals. The vegetation formed mainly for remainders of Atlantic Bush provides to the presence of endemic species of this bioma, as well as the one of threatened animals of extinguishing, as gavião-catch-monkey, jacuaçu and araponga.

The park also shelters birds as wild prick-wood, pigeons, kiss-flowers, wise people, sanhaçus, parrots and periquitos. Moreover, it congregates species hardly observed, as João-silly and Pope-lizard. It still has mammals; between them, wild rats, musical instruments and tapitis.

Remainders of Atlantic Bush, forests, lawns and eucaliptal compose the flora of the space. They had been registered 256 species in the park, being that some of them are threatened, as wood-Brazil, favinha-white and guabiroba-of – the weeds.

It is possible also to participate of monitored visits to the fishery Harry Blossfeld.


It does not leave to visit

The Cemucam, therefore, is a space with good tracks for walked and races, that count on aclives and declivities, beyond stretches surrounded for vegetation. Those that likes to pedal can enjoy of the circuit of mountain bike, composition for different types of lands. The family in a weekend congregates and makes a visit to the park, that guarantees leisure for all the ages and likes.


Street Mesopotâmia, s/n – Jd. Passárgada – Cotia

(Access for km 25 of the Raposo Highway Tavares, felt Capital)

Hourly of functioning

Daily: of 7h to 18h

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