Workshop of the Cioeste argues creation of index of vulnerability to the climatic changes for cities

In this Wednesday (8/02), the Cioeste (Intermunicipal Trust of the Region West Metropolitan of São Paulo) carries through one workshop to argue the implementation of an index of vulnerability to the climatic changes for the cities that compose the trust.

The event will present the course of the project, that is in conception phase, having raised a debate regarding possible measures of adaptation so that its Plan of Action is executed.

An evaluation will be carried through at the beginning of the meeting to approach the way as the actions must be prioritized, taking in consideration some criteria for its execution, as the social and ambient benefits that would bring for the cities, the costs that they would cause and the possibility of that they were talked back in other regions of the country.



Workshop debate medidas preventivas às mudanças climáticas nos municípios do Cioeste.


To argue the climatic changes is essential and urgent at this moment, where we witness the increase of global the average temperature. Divulged data of World-wide the Meteorological Organization in November of 2016 indicate that the climatic changes had increased the frequency of extreme meteorological phenomena, as droughts and waves of heat, between 2011 and 2015.

Being thus, from carried through climatic projections in regional scope, for example, actions of adaptation can be adopted to ahead diminish the vulnerability of the natural and human systems of possible changes of the climate. E is there that it is the importance of the initiative of the Cioeste to debate this subject.

Carried through in partnership with the Bank of Economic Development of Latin America (Caf) and from the consulting of Factor Co2 – a global organization that already acted more than in 40 countries, offering professional endorsement in relation to the question of the climatic changes -, workshop will happen in Barueri and will count on the accomplishment of a dynamics that will go to divide the participants in groups. The objective is to provide to the relationship and the exchange of information between institutions and people of the invited city departments, that have its related areas of performance to the subject of the meeting.

Each group will have a mediator and a spokesman, who will be useful to facilitate the conduction of the debate and to present the conclusions raised by means of the joint of ideas of the formed teams. The work in group will have one hour and stocking of duration and will be lead by Factor Co2.


workshop carried through by the Cioeste will count on representatives politicians and technician of the trust – that they act in Secretariats as of Planning and the Urban Development, Health, Economic Development, Social Development and Natural resources and of the Environment -, beyond representation of the Emplasa (Company Paulista de Planning Metropolitano S.A), of the State Secretariat of the Environment of São Paulo, of the Civil Defense of the State, the INPE (National Institute of Space Research) and of the Cemaden (National Center of Natural Disaster Monitoring and Alert).




Experience in Múrcia

In 2015, Factor Co2 gave beginning to a project in the city of Múrcia, in Spain, to analyze climatic projections it city and to evaluate the vulnerability of the region the possible changes in the climate.

On the basis of given meteorological of Múrcia in the different stations of the year, specific climatic projections for the region come being developed. The idea is that the interpretation of the gotten information allows an analysis of risk for the climate in the city.

The data make possible the identification of the sector-key in the city that could propitiate the occurrence of climatic changes. In such a way, for one better adoption of writs of prevention, the results gotten for each one of these sectors later will be contrasted with different areas, in some sessions of work in the city.

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